Button to subscribe to Youtube (web code)

Sometimes you have a web page and to complement it, you create a presence in the different social networks, including YouTube, or vice versa, you have a Youtube channel, and a web page is created to give you more consistency.

Boton para suscribirse a Youtube codigo web

Button to subscribe to Youtube web code

And to help position our YouTube channel, nothing better than putting a button on our website from where users who visit the website can subscribe without visiting the channel. This will increase the chances of visitors subscribing and, in order to help channel growth and visualizations.

Another way that is also attractive is to make a link or link to our channel playlists accompanying said button. But well, just to put the button is just a matter of copying and pasting this html code on the site of our blog or website where we want it to appear:

<span style = »font-size: 9px;»> <strong> SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL </ strong> </ span>

<iframe id = »fr» src = »https://www.youtube.com/subscribe_widget?p=HERE THE USER» style = »overflow: hidden; height: 75px; width: 234px; border: 0; »scrolling =» no »frameborder =» 0 “name =» fr »> </ iframe>

When embedding this code we should see something like this:


In this example, we see the YouTube channel itself.

There are several variables that are modifiable. Where it says «HERE THE USER», it must be replaced by the name of the channel, or better, by the user (Example: . We can also change the height (height) and the length of the button (widht). With this simple Javascript code we can use the function of subscribing to YouTube, without the need for users to be on YouTube.

Button to subscribe to Youtube (web code)
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