How many people used Adsense

Adsense is, at present, the largest advertising system in the entire web, and many people who use this system to monetize and make money with their web spaces.

Cuantas personas utilizan Adsense

A good way to make money

However, in the blog, website or Android application, etc., and yet, it is very different.

It is estimated that approximately 100,000 publishers charge monthly. This means that this is the title sheet for billing and accounting purposes.

However, there are many more people who use Google’s Adsense. Today I got a newsletter in which he says that all the Adsense publishers could join 181,000 football teams. We do not believe that here the technicians or the substitutes are included but also the 11 players that take to the field.

If this is correct then: 181,000 x 11 = 1,991,000

This means that to date approximately 2 million people use Google Adsense. It is an impressive figure. In a way it is as if a company had 2 million employees. Of course, the conditions are different, but the analogy is worth it.

However, one thing is to embed the Adsense code – with which, in theory, we become Adsense publishers – and another very different to be able to live on Adsense, something that is reserved only for a few or large companies that, like always, they arm a monopoly on everything.

Even so, with a job, serious, constant and dedicated, it is possible to obtain a good part of online advertising. And that is something that is not achieved overnight, but it takes time, to generate original content (if you are going to copy and paste content from other pages it is better to start counting sheep).

How many people used Adsense
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