How to hack a car

Just as it has happened with computers and all kinds of electronic accounts, can the same thing happen with a car? And if so, then how to hack a car?

Como hackear un auto

In short, the friends of spam, cyberpiracy, hacking and crakeo do not rest, and now they are launching theway towards a new conquest: the hacking that cars, cars that include operating system.

What tank operating systems are available?

There are several, but the calls for success are the SYNC system, in which Microsoft worked, together with Ford; the Car Play system, developed by Aple. Likewise, Google, the internet giant is also developing self-driving vehicles, which involves the development of some software for this purpose.

How long will cars be available as an operating system?

They are actually available, for those who have an extra sum of money, and allow interaction with mobile devices. Of course, it is an industry that until now is in its infancy (even though it has been developing for almost a decade) but, of course, perhaps within 5 to 10 years will be a mass-consumption technology.

Can a car be hacked?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. And the funny thing is that the technology of self-driving cars is not yet implemented and that the operating systems for auto are in germinal development, but that mechanisms and devices are still being devised for their hacking. One of them is a device called CAN Hacking Tool” (CHT).

Some devices do the hackusing using Bluetooth technology, but work is already underway to add GPS technology, allowing you to control a car from the other end of the world.

What actions would be controlled by hacking?

The goal of hacking is, on the one hand, to introduce malicious code into the operating system and, to get the remote control, on the other. No lives are compromised on a computer, but driving on a street or road? The situation in this regard is worrying.

When the goal is to sabotage minor actions, it could affect windows, heating, windshields, horn, radio or television player. But when it comes to more delicate actions, the lights, the brakes, the transmission could be affected.

How to protect yourself from being a victim of hacking?

As technology advances, parallel technology that seeks to sabotage it is also advancing. This, in turn, causes security, antivirus, and preventive actions to be developed. Company like McAffe are already working on IT security, although they warn it’s quite a challenge.

It is natural that, in line with this, preventive safety actions will also arise that the driver should not do or not (as well as on our PC we should not open spam links, or suspects). Anyway, we’ll see how this topic continues to unfold.

The technology continues to advance at accelerated paces and it is estimated that in the shortest possible it, systems such as the 4 or 5 G, propose to connect all things and all cars to the internet. But at the same time that these risks arise, several antivirus and defense mechanisms have also been developed against hackers and what is best, using quantum technology.

How to hack a car
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