Know what domains were registered on a given day

Today we have many web tools that allow us to check many things on the webs or domains. Well, this time, surfing the net, I found a very good tool that could eventually serve us.

Saber que dominios se registraron determinado dia

Yes, it is a tool, aimed at the gummy of technology, webmasters, all those who like to move in the domain market and wish to keep track of registered domains.

This is, a website that we can access and verify which domains were registered on a given day, including yesterday.

The sweep that makes this web allows us to know the name of the domain, the day it was registered and the extension of the domain. Apart from that, it gives us statistics of how many domains were registered under a specific extension, which allows us to know which are the most popular domains.

By far, the preference of domain registrants is .com, followed by .net (which almost doubles the number of records), and .org. In a fourth position, almost half of the .org’s visits, we found the .info.

When entering the home we will only see the domains registered on the recent day. However, to check other dates we can put a URL like this:

By doing this, it will take us to the domains ending in .com on September 2, 2014. However, we can modify the extension and date values ​​according to our needs.

Of course, for most people, this page will not have much relevance, however, if you are one of those who move in the world of domains, surely it will come to you and you will find some very good use.

Know what domains were registered on a given day
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