Page to copy special characters

On the web we find all kinds of resources, for all types of people and needs. And just browsing there I found a very simple page, but it receives thousands of daily visits.

Página para copiar caracteres espciales - signos

It is and, as its name implies, what it does is copy characters, for that matter, special characters, signs, faces, hearts, drawings, etc., which we can post later in different places, web pages , emails, comments, facebook, twitter, social networks, etc., etc.

The screenshot that the image shows us is from the set of favorite icons. However, in the top center we can click and display more options such as:

All characters
Alphabetical order
Graphic forms
Our preferred system
Prefix Co- / Col / Con- / Com-

The way to use this tool is very simple, we search in the group of characters that we need, we click on it (when clicking on a certain icon, image, etc., it is already copied) and we proceed to paste it in the place where we need

In short, the simplicity of this function and this page is great, and with something so simple it has become one of the most viewed pages of the internet in the world (it is within one hundred thousand pages – which is already quite ), and with only a handful of subpages (to date less than 100); a luxury that can only be given a few pages.

We hope that this function can be helpful at some point. I personally came to her when a hurry appeared with the keyboard of my computer.

Opening the character map from Windows

Another way that can also serve us well is to open the character map from Windows. To do this, just press the Windows + R keys, which opens the “Run” option. Once there, we write “charmap” without the quotes, and click on accept or enter.

This will open the character map where we will also find many options, different signs and characters in several languages.

Page to copy special characters
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