Plugin to replace WordPress text strings

One option was to replace them manually, another was to look for a broken links tool (like the Broken links checker plugin). However, apart from the links, I also had to correct certain text strings and words, so I had to find another easier way.

Plugin para reemplazar cadenas de texto WordPress

Plugin to replace WordPress text strings

Another option was to do it from the same database, however, for those of us who do not have much experience in SQL databases or we are afraid to manipulate and maybe even mess up something, there is a plugin that helps us in an extraordinary way. replace some words with others, or simply delete them, as well as to replace links in bulk, converting them into dofollow or nofollow, according to how we need it.

The plugin is called Search and Replace, and does just what it promises: Search and replace. Regarding the function (not the appearance) is the closest thing to be working in a Word or Excel file and press ctrl + l to, in a cell type the word you want to search, and in another type the word by the that you want to replace.

Once installed Search and Replace we can choose several options in which we will do our search to replace (in my case it was only in the content), like this: Content, GUID, Titles, excerpts, metadata, comments content, comments author, comments author email, comments author URL, comments counter, category description, tags and categories, user ID, user login and ID.

As we see, the variables are broad. Of course, it should be noted that the changes are made in the raw, that they modify immediately in the database and that it does not allow to reverse the changes, so it is advisable to make a backup of the database in case something goes wrong .

Plugin to replace WordPress text strings
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