Trick for blu cell phones

In this first trick for blu phones, you will learn how to program the audio player for this kind of phones.

A potassium of mobile phones

Many times, one would like the list of music that one loads on the cell to be played continuously, but in some blu they are unconfigured for these melomaniacal needs.

We’re placed in multimedia. We’ll be right next to audio player. Open the list and click on options. There, we press settings and in the box where it says literally: ‘Automatic generation’, which will most likely be in ‘on’. We put it off and then save the changes.

The next step is to go to ‘Options’, click on the folder where we have the music and give it ‘open’. In that folder we will select the musical themes that we want to be heard in the player, or if you prefer to select everything. For this purpose, we do not click ‘open’, but on ‘select’ in the ‘options’ folder.

To perform the test, we go to ‘menu’, in ‘multimedia’, there in ‘audio player’ and finally, eureka: ‘play’.

These blu phones, are practically a smarthphone that allows us to listen to mp3 and access all the social networks that exist today, in cell phone. The problem is that certain smart gadgets come with a degree of difficulty or with differences well marked with other cell phones on the market, which complicate a little the existence of those who use them.

A curious fact about this kind of BLU-branded gadgets, from Florida, USA, is that more than 10 million devices have been sold in nearly 25 countries around the world. In fact, its factory, Blu Products, is the first mobile producer in South America and the fastest growing.

For example, in Trinidad and Tobago, the brand that leads the mobile market is BLU. Brazil is currently the focus of this company.

Trick for blu cell phones
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