‘Ted 2’ also exceeds ‘Reversed’ in his debut at the box office


 Ted 2

Mark href=”http://www.20minutos.es/minuteca/mark-wahlberg/” Wahlberg and his inseparable teddy returned with href=”http://www.20minutos.es/cine/cartelera/pelicula/34426/ted-2/” Ted 2 to Spanish cinemas, but could not win the first place. According to data, still provisional, href=”https://twitter.com/rentrakspain” Rentrak Spain, was released as the second highest grossing collecting on their first order Week one million euros. Once again, overturn (Inside Out) was the preferred choice of viewers

The second part of Ted has also received a rather timid reception in other countries. In the United States it has entered so far 80.5 million dollars ?? a ?? 73.4 million euros, 160.3 leads and internationally.

The first he released in 2012, achieved excellent 549.6 million, also counted in dollars worldwide. In Spain also it got a surprising 10.7 million euros, so Ted 2, seen it entered its first weekend, could fall to less than half the collection of that.

Meanwhile, overturn still maintains a great tug at our cinemas. Third week at No. 1, with a million and a half euros to add to his tally and already amounts to almost 10 million.

Pixels down its revenue by almost half compared to the weekend above, after its debut, and he amassed a third position 600.00 euros. In week and a half has more than 2 million. Fourth place for another big summer blockbusters, and the year the animated feature The minions who also made 600,000 euros. After a month in theaters takes admitted 20500000 and is a strong candidate to become the highest grossing of the year, beating out Jurassic World that the ninth most-watched last weekend, more than 21 , 4 million since its release.

The new Marvel superhero, Ant-Man , is not doing particularly well in Spanish cinemas. In its second week on the bill he dropped to fifth place with half a million euros and recorded a cumulative 1.6 million discreet. For the rest of the major developments of the weekend, The secret of Adaline debut sixth and terror href=”http://www.20minutos.es/cine/cartelera/pelicula/34542/el-secreto-de-adaline/” The gallows in seventh place.

The Spanish comedy Now or never , eighth, has nearly 7.5 million and a half ; and Terminator: Genesis in the tenth place, about 3.4.

From this Friday, August 5 will arrive Mission Impossible 5: Secret Nation , again starring Tom Cruise , ready to dethrone overturn at the top of the box office.


‘Ted 2’ also exceeds ‘Reversed’ in his debut at the box office
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August 4, 2015

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