Telecinco try again with ‘state Secrets’: the political thriller will arrive next Wednesday

Telecinco try again with 'state Secrets': the political thriller will arrive the next Wednesday

we Already have second assault between the fiction of Telecinco and Antena 3. After the failed attempt to defeat ‘Matadero‘ with ‘Our 2‘, on this occasion, the chain of Mediaset will his other great bet of the year: the ‘ political thriller ‘state Secrets, ” whose first episode we’ll see you next Wednesday, February 13.

We find the story of Alberto Guzman (Emmanuel Esparza), the president of the government of Spain and his wife Anna, Chantalle (Miryam Gallego). After an attempted assassination, the impeccable public image that came giving breaks when you exit to the light topics such as the relationship the president has with his chief of press (Michelle Calvó).

I recognise that, in a certain sense, seeing the advances I have come to the head of the ‘Scandal‘ of Shonda Rhimes. I’m not surprised because thriller of secrets in the highest levels of government with frame sexy of by means no-win to Shondaland… and it looks like that is going to drift to the topic sexythriller that much like in the string.

On the negative side (or more negative) we find that ‘state Secrets’ is created by Frank Ariza, who was carrying out a thing that was ‘The Continental‘. If it already does not wake up the project too much confidence, less makes it the one of its protagonists (Miryam Gallego) declarase:

it Is part of a dye political, but half of this season, the thriller has a weight of very large and amorous intrigues gain importance towards the end of the season. There’s a trio on one side, and several couples that carry all the weight of the series. Is blurred quite a lot that first line policy.


I’ve drunk a lot of House of Cards because at the level of the script, I believed that we were a little out there or that was what we wanted to give. I’ve been told a “not” resounding, “we are not interested in this marriage” and that we were going to tell you another story. […] I liked the series policy with which we started. I am not interested in both frames loving.

Let us, those who were expecting a political thriller of rigour, we will have to keep waiting sitting. But beware, that if in time of ‘House of Cards‘ give us something closer to a ‘Scandal’ decent I will not be I who is to complain (too much).

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Telecinco try again with ‘state Secrets’: the political thriller will arrive next Wednesday
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February 8, 2019

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