Telegram is updated and you can remove the new contact notification


Telegram is getting gradually convince all and sundry. It has almost all the ingredients for success , but there are still a number of aspects of polishing. One of these is bothers you notice that appears every time one of your contacts is discharged Telegram and install it on their devices. With the boom that has the implementation this leads many times going through these days.

In the last update to version 1.3.21 has been fixed inter alia this. Now if we can mark receive notifications or unmark if we do not want to be bothered every time someone joins message to the network. This option will be accessible from the settings menu.

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The update also includes better ones, among which include the power to rename contacts, a new tool to reduce cut and uploaded photos and the ability to disable automatic upload photos .

Also, due to the large influx of Spanish public , the location has been improved in our country and several bugs have been fixed.

Nice to see the free messaging application for excellence continues challenged to make a tough battle to WhatsApp , hopefully people keep joining. But this time, we will no longer stand such notification.

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Telegram is updated and you can remove the new contact notification
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February 12, 2014

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