Telework: a must option for some startups

Telework, the only resource of some startups

Telework, which is an option that many employees ask for startups often the only way they have to work for lack of resources. The problem could come by this forced disintegration of the template that directly affects team involvement in the new project

Teleworking itself, not telework. First world problems and dilemma companies in the XXI century. Million lines have been written about it, some praising the benefits of being able to work from the comfort of our home and other condemning. If productivity, labor conciliation, comfort, control of work performed by employees by their bosses … hundreds of variables that determine whether or not telework . Currently there are many employees in favor and against too many bosses, placing Spain with a 27% of companies that opt ​​for teleworking at the bottom of the European Union where the average is 35 % on average.

For startups, for many of them, is not only an option, sometimes it is a must . If some time Yahoo! Marissa Meyer reached and one of his first acts was to call all employees to force them to volver working from offices , many small and new businesses, go home. The difference: the money needed for infrastructure investment . While Yahoo! and any other company of the same level are required and funds needed to have offices in many cases entire buildings in prime locations, startups do not have that option.

 Apple Garage

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Back to the culture of the garage (your parents)

The largest companies in the technology world emerged from the garages of Silicon Valley, or at least this has been the most idyllic story we have sold. Some startups follow this routine, changing the possibly garage room, but for a very different reason. If Google or Apple did in the beginning, now it is done to avoid spending that may involve renting an office. Often, areas of influence and high activity of small technology companies get “fashion” which involves a climb, sometimes exorbitant, rent prices . Take for example the case of Silicon Valley where a holiday comes, at least $ 2,000 per month, rising in most cases to 3,000 and 4,000 dollars.

Many startups choose to telework unable to assume office rentals And something similar happens in other major US and European cities. For many who have just started, they assume these expenses, plus associated maintenance are almost unattainable . The obvious option of teleworking is more than a resource then a necessity.

While it may sound good in a purely economic sense, in which a new company dedicated 100% of their often meager resources to development Product, the problem could come precisely for that disintegration of the template. In a large company, or an established, maintaining it is simple in general terms. But creativity, common effort and the necessary progress that requires a startup could be damaged by the work system often forced by circumstances


Telework: a must option for some startups
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September 4, 2015

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