‘Tell me who I am’ will become standard for Movistar +


Movistar + is betting strongly by own fiction and there are already some names that haunt us head and we hope to see very soon. One of the titles is now added to that list is the teleplay of one of the most popular in recent years novels, the best-selling book by Julia Navarro ‘Tell me who I am’ .

‘Tell me who I am’, with more than a million copies sold, tells the story of Amalia Garayoa , a woman who lives a frantic story that helps us to go over with her the most fundamental milestones of becoming the twentieth century, such as the Civil War or the fall of the Berlin wall


Now, those responsible for Movistar + have been advised of Navarro to turn this novel into a television production that will director Fernando Gonzalez Molina , who has become a specialist in this literary adaptations with titles like ‘Three meters under the sky’ or ‘ palm trees in the snow ‘.

in addition, the series is co-produced by DLO Productions. As we say, the project will see names soon as’ the plague ‘,’ Shame ‘or’ the zone, and undoubtedly will be interesting for all who pirramos us by the fiction of time . Let’s start betting, who think that could be the protagonist

? | Casa del Libro
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‘Tell me who I am’ will become standard for Movistar +
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August 30, 2016

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