Temperature problems with Snapdragon 810 become the Sony Xperia Z4 / Z3 +


This year is going atrangar Qualcomm to its current most powerful SoC. The Snapdragon 810 gave much to talk about with the HTC One M9 : heating problems, reduced power to cool the processor … The US company must be willing to leave the 820 and to remove this thorn once. Until then, now it deal with a new problem: Sony Xperia Z4 or Z3 + the rest of the world.

As you know, the Z4 / Z3 + came as a moderate renewal of Xperia Z3 last year introduced Sony Mobile at IFA. Few changes, mostly in hardware, which in theory should help to bring a vitamin mobile version. Partly so but in Japan they are already having problems with the heating of Snapdragon 810. Se repeats the same story


810 Snapdragon again cause problems

Several users have begun to protest problems temperature with the Xperia Z4 . Comments Twitter soils make it clear that the body of the current flagship of the Japanese becomes hot. If we go beyond these messages, they are still highly selected samples, and spent CPU Z on the phone we see that indeed the 810 returns to give headaches.

Aware of this, the operator NTT Docomo has put some ads alongside mobile test with the Snapdragon 810 (Xperia Z4, Aquos Zeta and Arrows NX) processor warning of the problems of heat and can give some tips (four points you see in the picture) so that users do not suffer the high temperatures to catch it. In fact, the fine print below warns that if the temperature becomes too high there is a risk of data loss.

It is odd to see how despite the warming that has suffered the Snapdragon 810 with One M9 no one has decided to make a change for a less problematic SoC and with a very similar power, eg 808 as the LG G4 . Bad start to a terminal that did not quite convince the be an upgrade with few new features

Z4 Docomo Xperia Retail

The units they reach our hands should present the same problems as the only change to the Z3 Z4 Plus the terminal name. What we do not know is if Sony Mobile will release an update to reduce chip power and run at a slower speed in order to warm it less.

Another question has to see the next top model of Sony. If all goes well, we should see a new mobile in IFA. What shall he do with 810? 820 Will there come a time? Did they will lower the 808? ¿They will use MediaTek ?? Many questions on the table but the truth is that now the Japanese have to solve the problem they have with the Z4 / Z3 +

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Temperature problems with Snapdragon 810 become the Sony Xperia Z4 / Z3 +
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June 12, 2015

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