Ten candidates for Phase 4 of Marvel

Ten candidates for Phase 4 of Marvel

Taking advantage of that we are in dates, we will talk about something that many have asked Santa Claus: That phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is amazing <. / p>

Marvel divides its macro-movie plot arcs semicohesivos called Phases. The first begins and ends with Iron Man in The Avengers.

The second begins with the aftermath of the protagonists, who have discovered that their enemies can come from beyond Earth. Start with a confusing Iron Man in Iron Man 3, and ends with Avengers. 2: Age of Ultron

Phase 3 begins with Captain America: Civil War. The world suddenly changes again after Ultron’s attack on Avengers 2, where members of the Avengers superheroes and some bonus will have their pluses and minuses.

After the fight, we will leave for a few years to Captain America, Iron Man and many other box office successes insured. Phase 3 will take a fresh cosmic and quantum leaping over parts Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and Dr. Strange start -. There will be two more ‘earthly’ movies with Spiderman and Black Panther, and unexpected sequel Antman, but the rest will have little to do with the Cinematic Universe seen before.

The main suspect to end Phase 3 would attack Thanos on Earth , which would lead to Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2, plus the go-ahead to Captain Marvel and Inhumans. Everything okay here?

What we know so far

 phase 4

The “Phase 4” Marvel begin in May 2020 with a premiere yet to be decided , and will continue with two more films in 2020 in the months of May and November.

If all still planned, and superhero movies they are still printers money, Marvel Phase 4 llegará until 2028, including about 20 different at a rate of 2 or 3 films a year.

As in previous phases, the fourth is defined by its conclusion, and draw a narrative arc Marvel that encompase how the universe of Marvel is at the end of Phase 3.

Dismissing characters and lines


Although the signing Spiderman gave hope, seems that Marvel Studios will be without the cinematic equivalent of X-Men and Fantastic Four .

We also ruled that burned characters in movies like Blade or reinvent Ghost Rider. I would not rule out Namor, but their similarities with Aquaman and the difficulty of tie to other stories with many points do not appear soon on screen, whether Aquaman do well or poorly at the box office .

Planet Hulk is a fairly simple story to tell, but we can not rule. Marvel seems to think that no Hulk film will do well at the box office or critical, but it serves well as a member of a larger group of heroes, leading me to the predictions.

Candidates for Phase 4 Marvel

When I say that I speak predictions, forecasts, so never be considered spoilers. The cinematic universe and comics include similar plot lines, but never partners. Things that happen in comics may go unnoticed at the movies, and vice versa.

It seems that we will leave the Infinity Stones by then, so maybe move on to a new ultra-villain …

Candidate 1: Planet Hulk

 Planet Hulk

If Hulk returns the Avengers at the end of Phase 3, and depending on how complete, we could see a more Planet Hulk … Thor accompanying cosmic. Or it could even serve to introduce the current version Thor

Candidate. 2: Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3


This is one of the only ones that know for sure what will happen. There is a trilogy to tell, and the third part of the guards will take place in Phase 4.

In a recent saga of Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man joins them temporarily. The second part will focus on the father Starlord, but that the third includes this arc, but perhaps more like a guest appearance if Robert Downie Jr. remains to interpret it.

Rocket Racoon and Iron Man fighting together on an IMAX screen, a wet dream

Candidate. 3: Defenders


Marvel is creating a large TV universe with Netflix, of much greater quality and depth than it does on ABC.

When Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist end up in a miniseries of The Defenders, could make the jump after a film co-produced with Netflix, which is released both the film and the streaming service, as did Netflix Beast of no Nation.

But Defenders is that they four. Maybe Dr. Strange may have something to do and use it to link additional frames. Who knows, maybe even Spiderman has its role to play in a hypothetical arch Yorker

Candidate. 4: Dr. Strange 2

 voodoo doctor

With Karl Mordo as the main villain of the first, is appealing a sequel, and Doctor Doom chained with FOX, perhaps an appearance of Mephisto could serve as the initial spark for the sequel.

We also have a Doctor Voodoo, which could serve to link Black Panther with a bit of earthling plot and thus give more footage to ‘Series B’ Marvel

Candidate. 5: Venom


A well-made film about the symbiote could upend theaters worldwide. So far it seems to be a cursed project, but better try again to Green Goblin or Dr. Octopus sure is.

In addition, incredibly help with the sale of merchandising, is an incredibly popular character. Venom may also have lattice with Guardians of the Galaxy or Thunderbolts

Candidate 6: Thunderbolts


Speaking of Norman Osborn, could come from the hand of the Thunderbolts instead of an independent film.

Antagonists “that are not so bad” are hot, and we could see HAMMER screen to give a contrast to SHIELD. Several of the characters are already present or confirmed in the MCU (General Ross, Elektra and The Punisher) and could give more fresh air to a Phase 4 prefer good actors without having to pay top dollar for macro-stars.

It would have Deadpool? . Hard to find, but we had some Avengers without Spiderman, so anything is possible

Candidate 7: Nova


The cosmic saga needs to Nova. We know that eventually appear, and so will Warlock.

The appearance of the Nova Corps in Guardians of the Galaxy would serve as a precedent and could be close to Guardians 3 to the public match well

Candidate. 8: Black Panther 2


Not yet know what villain will be part of the adaptation of Black Panther movies, Batroc’s brief appearance in Avengers 2 may suggest that he or Ulysses Klaw antagonists are the first.

For the second perhaps Erik Killmonger it may be the best candidate, one of its most powerful archenemies

Candidate. 9: Inhumans 2


It seems decided that the role of mutants in the MCU, or at least their role, they will have the Inhumans. With connections and created the TV series Agents of Shield, the first film could be a turning point at the end of Phase 3 to make way for Black Bolt and the other inhabitants of Attilan.

also serve to chain several additional connections with the cosmic part, with Guardian, Nova or even beyond …

Candidate 10: ???

 heralds of Galactus

Galactus as great arch enemy? Or maybe a Secret Invasion with Krull as antagonists?

And Silver Surfer? A return of Iron Man? Perhaps you are closing phase 4 with the Avengers Illuminati instead? I certainly would like to see more of Captain Marvel … but also Beta Ray Bill, or perhaps something more earthy Sinister Six.

Phase four may be able to have the plot of Avengers Dissasembled. And if Planet Hulk comes perhaps World War Hulk arrives …

Secret Wars would have to go to Phase 5 force, if at all. It will not be for lack of ideas and possibilities in Marvel.


Ten candidates for Phase 4 of Marvel
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December 25, 2015

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