Ten street photographers for inspiration

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A genus as is known as old as the or street photography live new heights of popularity today. It’s a genre that appeals to improvisation, to handle the unexpected, to flee standards, provides great creative freedom.

no contrast is easy to make street photography original and stylish. So, I recommend ten photographers I follow the long and very inspiring.

Luis Corrales

Sevillano settled in Vienna (city of much of his work ) always surprises with each new capture. Black and white usually well contrasted, knows collect these unusual times. A look not without humor but an excellent way to capture the city life and meeting space.

Highly recommended to visit the portfolio of his personal website where to find images of big cities or follow him on Flickr .

Guido Steenkamp

The German Guido Steenkamp is one of my favorite photographers and inspiring in street photography ( the picture above the post is yours ). It is one of the founders of the group photo Seconds2Real , originally a Flickr group to become something much more serious. Guido not a professional photographer has no specific training. It is a passion for photography that began by chance.

His interest began when he moved to Berlin and a friend gave him a camera and capturing was abandoned military bases, which ended in boring you to find street photography more stimulus. Of course, you should visit the portfolio of web and, of course, also Flickr , where he publishes his work.

Julien Legrand

This young French street photography specializing in is in Lille , scene of many of his photos. Julien began as a graphic designer but photography was occupying more dedication. Now walk around Lille capturing everyday moments and extracting its poetic side . It is a great master of composition, just as in this genre is not particularly easy.

You can see his work at his website in Flickr and also Tumblr .

Fabuchan (Fabrizio Quagliuso)

Fabrizio Quagliuso, better known online as fabuchan, a Neapolitan who resides in the UK. Is an engineer by training, but develops his work as a photographer self . His work is excellent and would highlight, in particular, their series on Japan , as ‘Shine on Japan’ or ‘100 yen ‘.

Bright in the composition, in a sober black and white, Fabuchan has a very personal and recognizable style. You can visit his personal web and Flickr .

Lukas Vasilikos

The Greek Lukas Vasilikos is from Crete, but lives and works in Athens since 1996, where usually develop their catch. He combines black and white with color and street catches in Greek cities are located, but also other European and Rome, Budapest, Lisbon, Barcelona, ​​Paris and Istanbul. I love the refined style with a touch photojournalistic and accurate look at everyday life in the street. To learn more about his work visit his recommended web or blog , as well as in Flickr .

Dirty Harrry (Charalampos Kydonakis )

Dirty Harrry src=”http://img.xatakafoto.com/2012/12/dirtyharrry.jpg” class=”centro” />

Another great photographer of the Hellenic nation, very prolific and a great ability to capture extraordinary moments . Kydonakis difficult to categorize because it highlights their versatility , using black and white, color, very close frames, different perspectives … each new photo is a breath of fresh air. And all being a great master of light and shadow that can play with to emphasize that captures street scenes. Although often triggered flash point blank and catching unsuspecting protagonists. You can see his work on his personal web and also Flickr .

Hiroyuki Ogura

Europe jumped to recognize this young Japanese photographer little known but very talented. Ogura catches are very contrasting, always black and white, edited like analog capture (and recalling the style of has a mastery of light and shadows, but above all a vision of the heart of Tokyo, mainly the popular district of Shinjuku . usually publishes regularly in Instagram .

Carmelo Eramo

Carmelo Eramo resides in southern Italy it that recognizes influences him when his photographs of street shots.’s primary school teacher and photography in your hobby, you often make the reports as a freelancer. I strongly agree with him, because it also works in an area where strong light often and play with it to enhance silhouettes and shadows .

You can see the work of both Eramo Flickr as 500px , which has a large and recommended portofolio.

Renzo Grande (Alive in NYC )

Renzo is originally from Peru but lives in New York , a city that is the main stage for his street photography work. gender is the only working, passionate about it and that can be seen in their catch. Very prolific, the fact of living in a big city that offers many unique opportunities and, above all, “characters “that roam the city.

Note that its work is done with smartphone , minor detail, but for a photographer who is featured in Instagram and EyeEm, although you can also see his work in his gallery web in Tumblr in 500px and Flickr .

Danny Santos

Danny Santos class=”centro” /> Untitled, by Danny Santos

conclude with this Filipino photographer based in Singapore . As he describes himself, photograph strangers on the streets of the great Singapore.’s his specialty, just people walking around the city. With an elegant style , usually hunt people it arouses curiosity, often women. And almost always figures abstracted environment but also often make numerous portraits to those strangers. So its virtue to empathize with people find it very useful for their work.

It is also a prolific photographer who can follow Flickr and personal web (although at the time of publishing this post, is not operational).

This is just a small selection of the photographers in the” street photography “I keep in a while and that without being, big stars, always helping to inspire creativity and recover in a genre so easy and yet so complicated.

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Ten street photographers for inspiration
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December 25, 2012

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