‘Terminator: Destination dark’ disappoints at the box office, and could lose $ 100 million

'Terminator: Destination dark' disappoints at the box office, and could lose $  100 million

it Seems that, effectively, the franchise ‘Terminator‘ faces destiny dark. The new movie of the saga created by James Cameron won the coveted 1 of box office USA in the weekend of its premiere, however, he did so with only us $ 29 million, a figure disappointing for a blockbuster that cost about 185M$ .

Is it time for a “hasta la vista, Terminator”?

The data is slightly higher than the premiere of its predecessor, ‘Terminator: Genesis‘, which raised $ 27M$ on their arrival to the billboard u.s. four years ago; finally picked close to 90M$ in that market and 440,6 M$ in all the world. Now, ‘Terminator: Destination dark‘ leads 123,6 M$ in the global marketplace. Have already been launched in 48 markets, including China (28M$ ), which represents 80% of the total. is In Spain has entered in the 4th position of most watched, with little more than a million euros.

According to Varietywith the current data, the production you could lose 100 million. And that is, apparently, the sixth installment of the franchise, you have to reach the 450M$ to begin generating benefits. It ensures that in addition to the 185 has been the cost to make the film have invested between 80 and 100 million in marketing and accounting rates. To me, I’m shocked that for all the talk of losses, especially when they are behind Paramount, Skydance and Disney (via Fox), but there is the fact that the experts.

What is unquestionable is that the returns of Cameron as a producer and Linda Hamilton as the protagonist (reencontrándose with Arnold Schwarzenegger after ‘Terminator 2‘), as well as the promise of a great show in the line of the first two installments, there have been enough reasons for the public to go en masse to the cinema to discover ‘Terminator: Destination dark’. Neither your approved general, the criticism, the more enthusiastic with this sequel than with the latter.

In any case, the big failure of the week in the united States is not the new installment of a popular franchise. It is a proposal of animation family titled ‘Arctic Dogs‘, directed by Aaron Woodley, and been achieved 3.1 million in its first weekend, breaking the negative record of worst premiere of all the history for a movie with 2.800 copies or more; until now, the worst mark were the 3.2 ‘Insanity father‘ (‘Father Figures’, 2017). This is the trailer of the animated film:

Neither has worked very well ‘Motherless Brooklyn‘, what’s new with Edward Norton as director and star. For almost two decades, has needed to make this feature film and was premiered with 3.6 million of dollars on its first weekend in the halls of the U.S., ranking in the 9th position of the ranking. The other side of the coin represents ‘Joker‘, which continues to triumph at the box office. is Already has 934 million of dollars in all the world; the goal of the 1,000-M$ is very near, something that seemed unthinkable months ago.

finally, it is noteworthy good news for Spanish cinema: ‘Pain and glory‘ has raised 348.315 dollars in its fifth week in theaters in the U.S. Averaged 3.138$ per room (111) and has already surpassed 2 million dollars.

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‘Terminator: Destination dark’ disappoints at the box office, and could lose $ 100 million
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November 4, 2019

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