Terraria is specially updated for Valentine’s Day

Terraria Terraria is specially updated for Valentine

Terraria is a 2D game that has managed to throw in the full version of Android it is for desktop computers, leading to the screens of our smartphones and tablets own world where we can accomplish anything , and the inclusion of multiplayer in its latest major update has been fun to heights unattainable by other games.

little Valentine arrives, Terraria has received a new version that brings some new features and objects that are closely related to the day of love such as broken glass to invoke the Angel Heart Cupid and apart terms of this special day as find new world map .

Terraria is a sandbox indie in which each world we create is unique , from floating islands in the sky or where we may venture to reach the confines of the underworld.

200 recipes for creating all kinds of objects , more than 25 types of blocks to create all that you go through your imagination, more than 75 different monsters, 5 bosses, more than a dozen types of environments, cycle day / night, water and lava dynamics and over 10 NPCs to recruit for your own people, are one of the best games you can find on Android

 Valentin Terraria is specially updated for Valentine

The Angel Cupid make mischief

And best of all, the development team behind Terraria update often usually, as with this new version ready for the day Valentine offered the possibility of invoking Cupid with a broken glass heart, captivate your enemies with arrows of heart or gifting your beloved Valentine ring which will give a special power.

Apart from these details related to Valentine has added world map will be available to zoom out to see it, and inward to zoom back to your hero.

An important update that now you can install on your Android devices through the widget that I provide below

More info -. comes to Terraria multiplayer

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Terraria is specially updated for Valentine’s Day
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February 13, 2014

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