Testing the online application Spotify

After many rumors, it seems that finally Spotify has been launched to create a web application for music service streaming . Today we have seen already a first beta ​​strong> web application Spotify, and although in theory it is a closed beta, there is a “trick” to try.

The” trick “is neither more nor less than access through this link, which Cazzette music group after recently launching his album on Spotify, posted on his Facebook page. The link connects to the online application from Spotify through Facebook, joining what will be the final URL: play.spotify.com. I’m not sure how long it will keep running this trick, so if you want access to Spotify on your browser to try it better now.

Spotify The web application is not bad. Includes all basic functionality of the original program: a homepage with news and recommendations, a potent search, radio online-based artists and lists play that sync with which you already created on the Windows desktop client or Mac Thus in web application you will see the lists that you have created, and if you create new lists or make any changes to the ones you have, they will be reflected in the Windows and Mac clients

Search Results

Radio online

center;”> Playlists

player itself is in the corner upper right, and gives you access to several options hovering above: continuous or random playback, add that song to a playlist, mark it with a star or create a radius from the singer.

Instead, this online version of Spotify lacks all the social of the original application, such as sending songs to a friend or share what you’re listening to on Facebook or Twitter. But keep in mind that this is a beta version in development, which probably should not even have access yet.

In short, a very promising application online and Spotify one step closer to becoming the reference service music streaming .

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Testing the online application Spotify
Testing the online application Spotify

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