Tetrd, the app to share mobile Internet to computer and vice versa

Tetrd, the app to share mobile Internet to computer and vice-versa

One of the great advantages of the smart phone is that, thanks to its data rate, allows you to connect steadily to the Internet. Well, it may not be much advantage, at least in those situations where we need some privacy, but it is when we are with the laptop outside the home and need to send an email or access a website. To fix it is as simple as start a shared connection in the mobile and use it to bridge to the computer. Now, not all smartphones bring you this possibility in a series.

Maybe your carrier has blocked the “tethering”, or the option to share the phone’s Internet, it can also occur that does not work correctly. Or that we seek out the opposite possibility, the so-called “tethering reverse”: to access from the mobile to the data connection that owns the computer. Well: both of these options solves the stroke of a pen a new application, Tetrd.

The complete solution for sharing Internet cable

Share Internet Tetrd

Tetrd is a new Android app that is available in the Google Play store to solve all the inconveniences that users have to share your data tariff. Once the application is installed, we will be able to access the “tethering” of normal (share mobile Internet to computer) and also the “tethering reverse” (from the computer to the phone).

In both cases do not need ROOT: Tetrd works directly on Windows, Mac and Linux. Yes, to share Internet from PC to Android need to activate the USB debugging in the phone. It is not something that presents a complication.

As we said, Tetrd solves most of the problems when it comes to sharing Internet between two devices. Interface is simple, just install the server on the computer and the app on the mobile. Once connected by USB simply choose the type of “tethering” that you need: or normal or reverse. The app will channel data in one direction or the other so as to provide the Internet to the device without connection. As it is logical, and provided that the sharing is a data rate, there will be make sure that your carrier allows you to share the megas and that you have enough gigas in the room rate.

Share Internet Tetrd

Access from the mobile to the pc connection by USB is extremely handy for those who wish to obtain the lowest latency possible an hour of play in the phone: this way you can take advantage of the cable connections and their advantages over mobile networks or WiFi. The “tethering reverse” is a bit usual in Android, there the biggest advantage of Tetrd.

to access the application simply download it from the Google Play store: does not have ads, but shopping within the app. To be sure that it works, Tetrd offers a trial period of three days; after which there is to pay for 6,49 euros for each “tethering” or 10,99 euros for both.



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Tetrd, the app to share mobile Internet to computer and vice versa
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January 10, 2020

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