The 12 best moments seriéfilos Comic-Con 2016


One more year, the geek-event promotional showcase large as possible, Comic-Con in San Diego , has held its annual weekend stands comics and toys, presentations de trailers future blockbuster film and question and answer sessions with fans of some of the TV series. On the television side, developments have not been as spectacular as ​​in the film, but it has been some memorable moments.

in fact, we will collect twelve of the highlights seriéfilos times of the convention in San Diego, the most anticipated some moments in the round tables trailers they ended up being the most commented weekend. And if you want more empaparos Comic-Con, but running a little as mainstream , you have the talks in nerd HQ .

The teaser of ‘The Defenders’

the series of Marvel Netflix presented on Thursday, the first day of Comic- with, and left a great taste with los trailers ‘ Luke Cage ‘ and ‘ Iron Fist ‘, the two that remain to be seen. However, it was a teaser in which there was no new images what more excitement up, because fans finally had some sort of look at ‘The Defenders’ , the miniseries that will join next year Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Cage and Danny Rand.

What seems the voice of Stick, the Scott Glenn’s character in ‘Daredevil‘, warns the four superheroes who not be able to save New York if they are not able to save themselves , and an ominous hand appears in the sequence. A track enemy that will face

The fourth season of ‘Sherlock’

on Sundays are usually quiet days at Comic-Con, except if session on the fourth season of ‘ Sherlock ‘and Steven Moffat (and the BBC) shares the trailer of the new chapters with fans. The darkness pointed in the promo, the scruffy appearance of Sherlock and repeating that phrase that “this is no longer a game,” left the fans of the series on tenterhooks. Moffat and Mark Gatiss three names left on the panel for los fans speculate all they wanted. Thatcher, Smith and Sherrinford

Negan input and Lucille


Yes, ‘ The Walking Dead ‘ launched, as is customary in San Diego, el trailer for their new season, but it was the image of Jeffrey Dean Morgan entering the round table of the series as Negan , and with his bat Lucille shoulder, the most discussed later . You can see the full session href=””> on YouTube.

‘Game of Thrones’ revving

When ‘ Game of thrones ‘arrives at Comic-Con, is always too soon to have ready even a teaser of the new season, and even more this year, in which the start of filming has been delayed until September. However, to not leave the fans with nothing to be eyes, HBO showed un brief video which sees the technicians series sets and varied preparing for the start of production accessories. The video closes Peter Dinklage’s voice saying “Welcome home, my queen.” And it did not need anything else.

‘Bates Motel’ tab Rihanna

Among the announcements made peculiar Comic- with it the prize for the most unexpected was, without a doubt. ‘ Bates Motel ‘ confirmed that the fifth season will be the last, which will delve into ‘Psychosis’ and that, to play Marion Crane, will feature Rihanna. It will be slightly different from that of Janet Leigh’s Marion and, of course, with the signing, more than one fan piqued his curiosity to see what they will do with that story.

The ship ‘Star Discovery Trek ‘

the new series of the saga of ‘Star Trek’ remains largely a mystery, but Comic-Con was, at least lkugar chosen to reveal the title of the series’ Star Trek Discovery ‘, and to show the new ship, quite similar to the Enterprise. In fact, it is very inspired by the sketches that Ralph McQuarrie (the famous illustrator who worked also in ‘Star Wars’ ) made in the 70 to Gene Roddenberry.

costumes John Barrowman


A Comic-Con without John Barrowman is not Comic-Con. addition of “troll” with Emily Bett Rickards, photos of the cast of ‘ Arrow ‘ He presented on Saturday Eisner awards , and he did so without sacrificing style. He disguised himself as Harley Quinn, Zapp Branigan from ‘Futurama’ to introduce Matt Groening and Squirrel Girl, and recorded all in your Twitter profile.

The trailer for ‘American Gods’

Put together in San Diego to Neil Gaiman and Bryan Fuller guarantees great excitement and in the panel ‘ American Gods ‘, that expectation was met with a trailer of the series of Starz, which adapts the book first on a US war between the traditional gods and those arising from the obsessions of contemporary society. In addition, he also appeared at the round table Kristin Chenoweth, who meets with Fuller after ‘Pushing daisies’, and it will be Easter, Passover.

A first look at ‘Legion’

Noah Hawley ( ‘Fargo’), the world of X-Men and FX. With these names, there are curious to see next year ‘ Legion ‘, but almost no one expected that we could see a trailer of the series at the convention. And what you see in it aims to be at least different, and maintain the same visual sense and the same particular mood that Hawley deployed in ‘ Fargo ‘.

‘ The Flash ‘and Flashpoint

of all the superheroes of the CW, and although Superman will appear in ‘ Supergirl ‘was’ the Flash ‘ which looked more curious at Comic-Con. His third season (or the first half of the season) will adapt the comic ‘ Flashpoint’ and raised expectation and some doubt, at the end of the second installment. As seen in the trailer of these new chapters, changes that Barry created in the timeline will be deep, and even be noticed in some characters’ Arrow ‘.

Ghost Rider reaches’ Agents of SHIELD ‘

the session ‘Agents of SHIELD’ could show a slight look at where are the characters in the fourth season but it was the amazing Ghost Rider appear in new episodes what ended up hogging all the attention. He did not say much more the target of Robbie “Ghost Rider” Reyes, but the motto of “revenge arrives this fall,” you can point more than simply that for what the character is best known.

The series just

Interestingly, Comic-Con was the place also chosen to announce the end of several series. ‘ Bates Motel ‘ was just one of them, because someone who confirmed the rumors about his end next year was ‘ The Vampire Diaries ‘. In addition, ‘ Orphan Black ‘ bid farewell to their fans and just missed that HBO confirmed that ‘Game of Thrones’ only has two more seasons. That did not happen, do not worry

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The 12 best moments seriéfilos Comic-Con 2016
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July 26, 2016

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