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Last day of the year and if you thought we were done with lists … it shows how we do not know. The fact is that we did not want to lay off 2015 without a review of some of the most remarkable episodes that has left 2015 Drama, comedy, animation, music. There are, in no particular order, the best fifteen episodes, 2015 (for writing).

‘Nashville’ (‘Master of None ‘1×06)

Master Of None Nashville

‘Master of None’ has given us a couple excellent chapters, the truth is that if you have chosen this rather than ‘ Indians on TV ‘ is because ‘Nashville’ getaway with Dev and Rachel, I think 2015 romantic comedy . So of course.

Tele Go! | ‘Master None of ‘naked before their life millennials

‘ Black, bold, nigger “(” Vis a Vis’ 1×09)


The great episode of ‘Vis a Vis’, a series that has thrilled us all and this episode is where everything is a game of life and death. And the magnificent advancement is a real gem (with the Radetzky March, if I remember correctly), but the episode is tension, action, everything up … shows how to make a good episode a number of these features.

Tele Go! | ‘Vis a vis div class = “article-asset-image article-asset-normal”, the strength of the female characters

‘Loplop’ (‘Fargo’, 2×08)


 Fargo Loplop

I could have chosen precisely the following, with all the monumental battle, but that ‘Loplop’ has an incredible aroma thriller with the kidnapping, the cabin Lake, Hanzee prowling around like best known. Best introduction to the final act of the second season of ‘Fargo’ may not have.

Tele Go! | ‘Fargo’ is the best thing that happened to 2015

‘How is it rewrites the time’ (‘The Ministry of Time’, 1×03)

 Ministry Reescibe

NAZIS. I do not think it goes without saying more. Well, I will not be so brief and stay on the story. But with the third episode of ‘The Ministry of Time’ team Javier Olivares, Anaïs Schaaf and Marc Vigil they showed that series could give absolutely excellent action-packed and the “comic relief” now I wise .

Tele Go! | ‘El Ministry of Time ‘, bravo, bravo bravo and

‘ 4722 hours’ (‘Agents of SHIELD 3×05’)

 Agents Of Hours Shield 4722 Review

We can be more or less enjoying the third season of ‘Agents of SHIELD’ but the nearly five thousand hours (summary in forty minutes) Jemma Simmons happened across the website in unfamiliar territory are perfect example of what can become a bottle episode example. In fact it is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.

Tele Go! | ‘Agents of SHIELD’ sails between inhuman

‘Pilot’ (‘galavant’ 1×01)

Probably ‘galavant’ has the best opening scene of a series … and that first numerazo is so great that I never tire of seeing. But the rest of the pilot ‘galavant’ is fun, sensational and has left a memory that lasts even until today being the first releases of the year.

Tele Go! | ‘Galavant’, fun and music can you ask for?

‘Out of Time’ (‘The Flash’ 1×15)


One of the things we love ‘The Flash’ is that it was the superhero series has finally been removed from a complex series of superheroes completely embrace the genre and flavor of comics. It will be an episode with the Weather Wizard revenge against the city that put everything upside down and push us to the last act of the season.

Tele Go! | ‘The Flash’ outstanding season culminates

‘Nelson Murdock v’ (‘Daredevil’ 1×10)

Marvels Daredevil Season 1 Episode 10 March 2b34

‘Daredevil’ has, in general, very good episodes and I chose this because it is one of those who look like rested (which it is) but it is a necessary point turning little horns in series with the friendship between Nelson and Murdock at its worst but moving Kingping following tabs.

Tele Go! | ‘Daredevil’, div class = “article-asset-image article-asset-standard best of Marvel so far

‘A Tale of Two Stans’ (‘Gravity Falls’ 2×12)



A ‘Gravity Falls’ has left a special episode of life (and not yet dated) and although almost put the big’ Weirdmageddon, Part 2 ‘, I would remember’ A Tale of Two Stans’, with the history of Stanford Pines and his missing brother . One of these tender episodes and Alex Hirsch club. I also hesitated to put this or that will attract Attraction in Oregon. So many to choose from …

Tele Go! | ‘Gravity Falls’, the not so hidden gem

‘One Last Ride’ (‘Parks & Recreation’ 7×12-13)

O Parks And Rec Finale Facebook

If you’re hurting me farewell ‘Gravity Falls’ you can not imagine what I’m longing for ‘Parks & Recreation’. And wondering what episode highlight I thought that is the end that you does a nice tribute to the series , with those glimpses of present and future of the gang.

Go TV! | Te I will miss you very much, ‘Parks & Recreation’

‘Episode 5’ (‘Doctor Foster’ 1×05)

 Dr Foster Pg 41

You know when you’re watching a show and the tragedy is munching with each passing frame? For ‘Doctor Foster’ solved from an awkward dinner with absolute brilliance the future of the marriage of Foster. An example of how to handle the characters, frames and other without resorting to contrived twists.

Tele Go! | Doctor Foster is a bright and visceral drama about infidelity

‘Sponsored Content’ (‘South Park’, 19×08)

 Sp1908 Blog

The time when the season of ‘South Park’ gives the plot twist that leads us to the final episode is a very accurate and you should see all the regular reader of news on the net and all those who are dedicated to this . A very good reflection on the content, what is news and what is not in an era in which internet, networks and viral rule over today.

‘Five O’ (‘Better Call Saul’ 1×06)

Better Call Saul Five Jonahthan Banks 2 0

Mike has always been one of our favorite ‘Breaking Bad’ characters and their appearance on ‘Better Call Saul’ is impressive. The writers wanted to devote an episode to tell why Mike is there and acts as acts and offered a real gem television.

Tele Go! | ‘Better Call Saul’ and is a great series

‘Hardhome’ (‘Game of Thrones’, 5×08)


Speaking of jewels television, we rarely see on television what we saw in the defense of House Austere by Wild and Night Guard. HBO putting everything on the table in an exceptional episode of magnitudes that actually show that “It’s not TV” with the production of one of the best battles I remember in both film and television.

Tele Go! | ‘Game of Thrones’ 5×08, and winter came

‘What the hell did I do?’ (‘The Jinx’, 1×06)

The Jinx Robert Durst

Also for HBO, but this time is not fiction but one of the documentaries that has more revolutionized the television landscape in 2015 . Robert Durst on the ropes with an unstoppable Andrew Jarecki willing to clarify once and for all the murders that surround the millionaire. We could argue about the role of documentary and research ethics … but the end of ‘The Jinx’ is an episode that has fascinated you in its entirety.

Tele Go! | Cómo an HBO series led to the imprisonment of Robert Durst

Honorable Mentions

So far the team, which I repeat is very personal. But the rest of the team Tele Go! wanted to save some of their favorite episodes of this year and proceed to enumerate:

  • Return ‘ (‘Unreal’ 1×01)
  • Episode 7 ‘ (‘Cucumber’ 1×07)
  • LCD Soundsystem ‘ (‘You’re the worst’ 2×09)
  • International Assassin ‘ (‘The Leftovers’ 2×08)
  • Escape from LA ‘(‘ BoJack Horseman ‘2×11)
  • If-then-else ‘(‘ Person of Interest ‘4×11)
  • The Dead ‘ (‘Vikings’ 3×10)
  • Zombaby ‘ (‘Z-Nation’ 2×05)

And for you? What were your favorite episodes from 2015?

Tele Go! | Best of 2015

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