The 19 best cliffhangers series of all time


Imagine this situation at the end of an episode of your favorite series. Two characters are pursued by a city roofs. One of them jumps over an alley and lands safely in the building opposite. The other also jumps, but falls short and ends with his hands clutching the wall, hanging several meters above the street. And the screen fades to black and chapter is over.

That’s a cliffhanger , a narrative gimmick, very used to end seasons, or midseason hiatus, and keep the viewer hooked . It was a very common resource in movie serials of the 20s and 30s, and literary serialized melodramas, and had to move to television. There has been a series that have learned to use in a spectacular way and all of them, we are left with the best 17 cliffhangers .


probably the most honored (the “Who shot Mr. Burns ‘of’ Los Simpson ‘) and who actually more shocked an entire country during the almost nine months that’ Dallas ‘was on hiatus. His third season ended with ‘A House Divided’, whose emissions were met yesterday 36, in which J. R. Ewing, the official villain of the series, received a shot in your office someone who did not see. Speculation about who shot J.R. They were obsessed to the public until November 1981, when it began airing the fourth installment. And yet it took four episodes in being resolved.

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

 Buffy Thegift

as Syfy is currently repeating this series, we will try to be as vague possible with the way in ending the fifth season of ‘Buffy’, ‘slayer, a way that we could say that is “classic Whedon” and, moreover, was pretty close to being the end of the series. ‘The gift’, which was also the 100th episode, closes with a sacrifice of Buffy that left fans very touched, especially when the future of the series on The WB ceased to be clear. Monetary issues that led to the last chapter was issued in that chain, in 2001, as the sixth season ripped in his great rival UPN . It is curious that, five years later, the two chains merged into The CW.



Hong Kong, two years later. Tell that to any fan of ‘ Alias ​​‘, and see what answer you. For a series that was built on cliffhangers continuous (episodes ended with literally Sydney starting his new mission), the end of his second season was probably its peak . Sydney Bristow is awake, lying in the street after a confrontation with the villain of the season, but does not know where he is, how he got there or how much time has passed. And the answers you receive the left as confused as viewers.



JJ productions Abrams usually have a knack for cliffhangers , and one of the best known handle was’ Fringe‘. All their seasons ended leaving open a door that turned crazy fans, and although the end of the third was a remarkable impact , the second is the one that merits inclusion in this list. That ‘Over there’ it gives us the first real look at alternative universe that had been prepared from the beginning and auction, leaving Olivia Dunham in a complicated situation say ahead of the third season. The resolution of this situation also left the best stretch of episodes of the series.

The Sopranos

late few series have been dissected, discussed and analyzed such as’ The Sopranos ‘. Its creator, David Chase, always has resisted to resolve the question of whether Tony Soprano lives , leaving it that fade to black in the middle of what looks like a nondescript family dinner in a diner which speak for itself. But in the summer of 2007, the ruckus organized among critics and the public was impressive. There were spectators who came to call for service HBO because they thought there had been a problem with your connection and lost the end of the episode. But no, ‘The Sopranos’ really just a large cliffhanger .

‘Twin Peaks’

 Twin Peaks

and since we are talking about the end of series that were completely open, we can not ignore that of ‘ Twin Peaks ‘. The series volverá next year on Showtime, but the end of his career at ABC in 1992, was a shock for the few spectators who were still watching his second season. Agent Cooper just face to face with Bob, that evil entity that stalks the villagers, but we can not know what happens next. It is a cliffhanger that has more than 25 years unresolved. And yes, who killed Laura Palmer himself is revealed in the series


‘the Reichenbach Fall’, the end of the second season of ‘Sherlock ‘it was like throwing gasoline on the fire of comments on social networks this BBC series. freely adapted ‘The Final Problem’, the story in the Arthur Conan Doyle, tired of the fame of his character, kill Sherlock Holmes , the series marked a huge cliffhanger not so much for letting his protagonist hanging from the building, but because escamoteaba to espectadorv explaining how Holmes could survive that (because we knew we did). The long wait between seasons further fueled speculation, rather than the start of the third installment took the opportunity to make all kinds of jokes.


 Jack Lost

‘Lost’ left a few cliffhangers quite shocking final season. Of the first, with the opening of the hatch, it was a phenomenon, but the most surprising was probably the third season . Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and were dated to the end of the series and decided to change the narrative of each episode. At that ‘Through the looking glass’ we fail to see Flashbacks to move on to something else, there were sacrifices of important characters and, to top it all, the chapter ended with that “We have to go back!” surprising viewers. It is not uncommon that this episode is considered one of the best series .

‘Star Trek: The Next generation’

Startrek Borg

“We’ve ruined the summer “. Patrick Stewart has a fan shouted that after the end of the third season of ‘ Star Trek. The new generation ‘, a final that ended in a cliffhanger that was still a rare practice in the series of the mid-90s the crew of the Enterprise had the whole series facing the Collective Borg, a race of pseudo-cyborgs whose sole purpose was to assimilate all that were in his way. His motto, “resistance is futile”, is one of the most famous phrases of the series, and the time when Captain Picard appears assimilated by them at the end of the first part of ‘Best of Both Worlds’ is one of the flashpoints of the resurrection of ‘Star Trek’


the relationship between Ross and Rachel, his” we were taking us a break “and gaffes with their girlfriends Ross they left large cliffhangers to ‘ Friends’, which it was something quite significant for a sitcom . Aside from the wedding in England, the end of the third season, ‘ The one at the beach ‘, and presents a clear bait for viewers to return in the fall to see how they had solved all the beginning of the fourth installment. Ross goes to the beach house with Bonnie, her new partner, but there has to decide whether enters your bedroom or Rachel. “Do you think so?”.

Battlestar Galactica


Another series that ran as nobody cliffhangers was ‘Battlestar Galactica’. The midseason were very effective because, generally, Syfy took many months to issue the following episodes, and half of the fourth installment, with its devastating flat sequence was in fact about to be the end of the series because of the writers strike. Anyway, from the end of the season they did, ‘Lay down your burdens’, the second, it is perhaps the most significant because dares to take a leap forward in time then it would be imitated by many series, and leaves the characters in the worst possible situation. And viewers wanting to know what happened at that time they had not seen,


of course, the soap operas are the most pull cliffhangers when finish their seasons. That of ‘Dallas’ could mark a time but in terms of level of total madness, few are at the height of the fifth season of ‘ Dynasty ‘. Moldova whole family to be a wedding (the episode was called ‘A royal wedding’), only to be interrupted by gunmen massacring all attendees . To all. So you can see that ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ did not invent those final with gunmen pacing the hospital. In addition, many of the actors had to renew their contracts at the end of that season, so you already you imagine how it was decided who would survive the “Moldavian wedding” and who is not.

‘The West Wing White House ‘

President Bartlett him many things happened in the seven seasons that lasted ‘ the west wing of the White House ‘. He overcame the death of his great friends, international crisis, the 11-S and even an assassination attempt that closed the first season, leaving their fate in the air. ‘What kind of day has it Been’ (which is a classic title of the series of Aaron Sorkin) builds up problems for the Administration Bartlett until it reaches the final moment, just when it seems that everything has resolved. And leaves really hit until next year fans.



final revival may have left us a bitter aftertaste, but these cliffhangers were brutal trademark of ‘ X-Files ‘ during original issue. One of the first, and the most effective was the second season, ‘Anasazi’, in which Mulder was very close to discovering the Truth , only to lose almost all again . The final image of the chapter, with that train car on fire under the desert, set the bar high for the following seasons. The series, in fact, threatened more times Mulder to close seasons (as in the fourth and fifth), but the cliffhanger the second is still the best result given.



the end of the series would fit perfectly on this list, but the which operated scale, we are left with ‘mizumono’, the closing of the second season of ‘ Hannibal ‘. The fans nicknamed him “red dinner” for the obvious question that leaves open the survival of all the protagonists of the series, Dr. Lecter face once the true identity of this no longer hidden in plain sight. It was almost as brutal as the Red Wedding ‘Game of Thrones’, and carried to the extreme aesthetic bet in the series. For Hannibal is a serial murderer, but a murderer with taste and class.

‘Breaking Bad’


probably followers ‘ Breaking Bad ‘ have several candidates in the series to be among the best cliffhangers TV. However, ‘Full Measure’, the end of its third season, is the most often highlighted because it is very literal . That is, the last scene shows us Jesse pointing to someone with a gun, we heard the shot and then the episode and the season is finished. Has Jesse killed that person? Have you failed? What will happen now with him? Walter already become Heisenberg, then represents the ultimate drag Jesse to the dark side.



‘Swan Song’, the last chapter of the fifth season of ‘Sobrenatural‘, it is for some fans like closing the series . It is, of course, the end of the arc that had been counted from the beginning and dismissal of Eric Kripke, your showrunner series, and solving everything does not end. The two Winchester brothers have just separated, paying the price for saving the world, and remains a small cliffhanger that allowed ‘Supernatural’ return with a sixth installment in which began to tell other stories, which have cranked to have, next year, twelve season that almost no one imagined at the time.

‘Babylon 5’

the Shadows were the great threat of ‘Babylon 5 ‘for much of issue, and at the end of the third season seem closer than ever to win the war against the other races in the galaxy. A series loved put your characters before decisions that verged on the impossible , and John Sheridan has to face one of them in this ‘Z’ha’dum’ which also paid homage slightly the film ‘Solaris’. Sheridan makes that impossible choice, and spectators were waiting months to see the resolution to his courageous act.

‘Person of interest’


on May 3 know the resolution of cliffhanger with the fourth season of ‘ Person of interest ‘ is over, that it will end with sus next thirteen episodes. That ‘YHWH’ led to the protagonists to the limit and left them on the run from Samaritan’s henchmen. And when we say in full flight, we mean literally. It was a very consistent end with progressive darkness was enveloping the fourth season of the CBS series, and waiting for a year to see its continuation is becoming very long.

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