The 23 best series of school you should see

The institute is a highly fertile ground for fiction. How many movies and series have been acclimated there? T...
The 23 best series of school you should see

The institute is a highly fertile ground for fiction. How many movies and series have been acclimated there? The emotional and vital vortex of adolescents gives much play to the writers, and if you want to portray, you have to include force school. series high school is a genre in themselves, so wide that allows different readings of the same experience.

On the web Vulture these days have devoted a special series of high school, from analyzing how difficult it is to continue them once its protagonists are going to college, how they treat all the discovery of sex by their characters, and have even made a competition to choose the best set of 30 candidates institute. So in Tele Go! we wanted to contribute our grain of sand with 23 series of high school worth seeing. Leave behind the prejudices

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‘Freaks and Geeks’

Some series of institute are also of the best series ever. The clearest case is ‘Freaks and Geeks ‘, produced by Judd Apatow and that only lasted one season on NBC in 1999. Created by Paul Feig, took us to a school in a small town in Michigan in the early 80s, and continued to Lindsay and Sam Weir siblings, death his grandmother affects differently. The two move between nerds and “hanging” of the institute, and his adventures are fun, intimate and painful at the same time. The series launched an entire group of actors like James Franco, Seth Rogen and Linda Cardellini.

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

The 23 best series of school you should see

Vampires, demons, monsters and various Hellmouth as metaphors for all changes in a young man in high school. That’s ‘ Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, the series announced Joss Whedon and Sarah Michelle Gellar, and a legion of followers won with the adventures of Buffy, the Slayer born in that generation and call to save the world. His characters fighting their own problems when they killed vampires in Sunnydale, and the strength of their characters still shows in television today. Were seven seasons between 1997 and 2003, divided between The WB and UPN, which remain current.

‘It’s my life’

The first work of Claire Danes, with just 14 years, was ‘ is my life’, a series that in 1994 it was a complete novelty in the genre of school in dealing with the greatest possible realism, emotions and the problems of adolescents. Through Angela, an ordinary girl who does not want to keep doing the same things as a child, his friends and his parents, a picture far more complex than usual about what it means to be in that moment of your life is where you start to be really the person you will be in the future. Anyway, for their viewers, the series can almost be summed up in just two words: Jordan Catalano

‘live feeling’

Dylan, Brenda, Brandon, Kelly, Steve … Paras many young viewers in the 90, they are almost definitive television characters. The protagonists of ‘live feeling ‘ (the very advertising translation of ‘90210 ‘) moving in a series of rather more conventional school, but in his groundbreaking moment for some of the topics he touched, and that became a phenomenon that had a spin off more adult, ‘Melrose Place‘, and rather foolish. This year, precisely, it is the 25th of its release and fifteen of its end, and turn the conversations among fans whether they preferred Brenda and Dylan or Donna and David partner.

‘After school’

The 23 best series of school you should see

One of the great Spanish actors quarries was ‘After school‘, daily Telecinco youth soap opera. Released in 1997, he followed several teenagers who went to school seven Robles, and wanted to use some of the ideas and the tone of the series of American institute. Its protagonists faced sentimental trouble with their parents, with teachers, with drugs … A daily episode for five years was a long way, especially periodically to renew the deal and make it happen there Elsa Pataky, Pilar Lopez de Ayala, Victor Clavijo, Fran Perea, Hugo Silva, Leticia Dolera, Rodolfo Sancho and so on.


When it comes to seeking institute series treat realistically the daily life of adolescents, you should talk about the Australian ‘ ‘heartbreaker, a classic late 90s Set in an institute of a multicultural neighborhood of Sydney, the usual themes of this series had to add some guys suffering racism or the fights in which others were getting into. It was very common that their characters were children of immigrants or aboriginal origins, presenting the principle certain social tensions that made her stand out among its kind.

‘The OC’

The 23 best series of school you should see

” The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ‘is not the only series that starts with a troubled boy from a poor environment to be living with a wealthy family. In this case, Ryan, a young Chinese (a very complicated city in California), who moves to Orange County, the OC of the title, to live with Cohen, hoping that thus direct his way. Released in 2003, ‘The OC ‘was an instant success on FOX, engaging the audience with his renewal of soap operas high school through your sense of humor and geek side of Seth Cohen I love comics and music indie . The series, in fact, helped to make known to many groups, starting with Phantom Planet, responsible for line.


The 23 best series of school you should see

One of the most groundbreaking series in recent years institute came directly from the UK and it seemed to follow the path that the film Kids ’90s were marked’ Skins ‘offered in three generations of actors and seven seasons, a stark glimpse into the lives of teenagers in Bristol. That life is marked by drugs, mental illness, lack of outlets, sexual awakening, difficulty adapting to a stage with more responsibilities … ‘Skins’ was a great success in the UK, with a brief, controversial remake on MTV, and also it served to meet a bunch of young and then unknown British actors, Nicholas Hoult as Jack O’Connell and Kaya Scodelario. It was a different series whose first season was a real slap in contemporary British fiction.

‘Friday Night Lights’

A book, a movie and a TV series. That is the way it has followed the original story of journalist HG Bissinger, which followed a football team from a school in Texas for a while, and that provided the basis for one of the best series of recent times. ‘Friday Night Lights ‘ followed members of the team and its coach, but was rather more; was a series on a whole community, a town in which the only good news given the Dillon Panthers, treated as if they were real celebrities. The way in which children are facing the difficulties they get in the way and how the Taylor family is becoming more and more weight in their lives is something that is not easily forgotten. It will be a cliché, but let’s repeat. Clear eyes, full hearts, can not lose


The 23 best series of school you should see

Sometimes, the hard part is to make something that looks pretty cool without breaking the conventions of the series teen . That’s what he achieved in his debut ‘Awkward’, MTV comedy that betting on more acidic humor to flip to situations that we have seen many times on television. From the outset, the main character, Jenna Hamilton, is in the midst of a misunderstanding by the entire institute believed to have attempted suicide, when he has just undergone a silly accident in the bathroom, and that and his complicated relationship with Matty are the starting point of the series. In his five seasons, Jenna’s life has been a lot of laps, but that initial blast of fresh air would not remove anyone.

‘Saved by the Bell’

Enter ‘Saved by the Bell ‘and’ The Sweet Valley ’90s were a good decade for school comedies. Because that’s what it was the first, A sitcom at the Institute of Bayside, rather than in the house of the protagonist family, for example. Chapters revolved around what Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski or Screech made in the center, in classes or hallways just before the bell, and was almost always associated with a joke or some ploy to Zack not have to study or take a stick to water.


To a generation of Spanish adolescents, Quimi and Valle were the couple whose fate is asked more and more that followed Attention. ‘ Partners‘, which once had its own movie, ‘ not fail you,’ he It centered on the gang of friends moving around Quimi and Valle, and also had importance in the plots teachers and workers of the center. In early 2000, ‘Companions’ became so seen as ‘family doctor’, which was the great phenomenon of Spanish television.

“Parker Lewis Can not Lose ‘

Of all the institute’s series of 90 (and there were many), maybe one that is remembered is now less’ Parker Lewis Can not Lose ‘, which lasted only three seasons in the early FOX, and was born in the heat of success’ All in a day ‘. So Parker Lewis, the protagonist, boy was sure of himself (the only way I could wear those shirts) that was dedicated to invent all kinds of crazy ideas with friends. At the time, the series stood out for its uncomplicated installation, a whole noedad ​​for television at the time.

‘Veronica Mars’

The 23 best series of school you should see

Before being una film produced thanks to a campaign of crowdfunding , ‘Veronica Mars‘ was a Lucky mix between the institute and the series of black gender. Its protagonist was a teenager wearing something like a double life as a private detective, double life that had forced a traumatic event from his past. Veronica helped out his fellow insti , after paying a small fee, to discover who was engaged to ruin the reputation or had stolen his dog, while trying to find out who had murdered Lily Kane, her best friend. And he did it all with a great sense of humor and charisma


The first series Ryan Murphy created here with Gina Matthews was ‘People’, title teen which was chaired by a humor, and a parodic tone, quite notable in 1999, and more on The WB. Many things that Murphy did then ‘Glee’ For example, already in this history two girls, one popular and the other not, the respective father and mother on a cruise in love and get married, forcing them to live in the same house. What is most reminiscent of ‘People’ is his desire to parody all genre conventions and Mary Cherry, an unforgettable villain.


The 23 best series of school you should see

Kaffir humor ‘Beavis and Butthead’ was born in 1998 a series of worship as ‘Daria‘, in which a character series that became the main protagonist of what is now a cult, and a sign that a spin off can end superando his mother series. Daria was a sarcastic teen that did not fit between the popular kids in his school, and the series had a pretty accurate satire of adolescence and the most typical of these securities issues. Who saw at the time never tire of trying to more people rediscover now.

‘Dawson’s Creek’

“I do not wanna wait for our lives to be over”. Who has not sung more than once tuning ‘ Dawson’s Creek’, that series the teens spoke as pretentious college? Actually, just the way to introduce Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen’s what made you stand out from others of the same gender. The cinefilia Dawson permeated the rest of the series, in which his characters faced some rather more serious matters than usual for a title like that. He helped launch the careers of Michelle Williams, Katie Holmes (which was interrupted by her marriage to Tom Cruise) and James Van Der Beek, because Joshua Jackson was already a child star.

‘Faking it’

The 23 best series of school you should see

The new crop of series of institute are well advanced in the representation of a very specific aspect: sex. Now, it is no longer the subject of a special chapter, but rather as normal and without much mystery. It is the emotional mess that can lead to making it more interesting. Moving around ‘Faking it, “a comedy that starts when two players, Karma and Amy are mistaken as a couple and decide to continue with the farce to be popular. Amy, however, is not pretending, and from there starts the trouble.

‘Physics and Chemistry’

The 23 best series of school you should see

Antena 3 made its own commitment to a number of teenagers that were a more realistic way with ‘ Physics and Chemistry ‘, which premiered in 2008 and discovered all A new generation of young Spanish actors. As with other past series, the school teachers also had their importance in frames, but what counted here was the daily lives of students, their emotional trouble with sex, drugs, friends, family … Its success led her to make the leap to South America and Europe, where he had his own version of the series in Italy.

‘One Tree Hill’

When a tough series nine seasons, it is not uncommon enough to change from the first to the last. ‘ One Tree Hill‘ series began as a teenager, high school, in which the protagonists, Lucas and Nathan, were two brothers who played for the basketball team high school Local. Romantic relationships between all the characters were the basis of much of the frames, which soon left behind the initial rivalry between Lucas and Nathan, and the series managed to overcome the time when all players graduated, in the fifth season, giving a temporary jump four years. ‘One Tree Hill’ was a youth soap opera, and one of the most successful in recent years.


The 23 best series of school you should see

After six seasons on the air, and all the lurch who gave their characters, is easy to dismiss’ Glee’, but do not forget that, when it opened, was a breath of fresh air grills, and a phenomenon of instant audience for FOX. The adventures of William McKinley school choir Lima (Ohio), which entered all the misfits that did not fit anywhere else, initially conquered the audience with his humor acid and its musical numbers, which mixed Broadway musicals pop hits. Then, things got out of hand.

‘Gossip Girl’

Not all series ambientaban institute centers of small towns, or had as protagonists the less popular types. There are others, such as ‘Gossip Girl‘, whose characters belong to wealthy families on the Upper East Side of New York and went to an exclusive center. Of course, love affairs and betrayals were even more outrageous, and all told in his blog “gossip queen” as it was called in the translation in Castilian, someone who knew everything about everybody and whose identity was a mystery. Until the end, but fans prefer to forget, for the most part


After ‘Gilmore Girls‘, and after a couple of attempts failed to launch another series, Amy Sherman-Palladino created ‘Bunheads’, a number of teenagers whose starting point was, in fact, the arrival of the people of Paradise Michelle, a former dancer who thinks he has left behind all their dreams. The series was slowly turning on its young dancers, Boo, Ginny, Sasha and Melanie, and the way they were facing how their relationship evolved with each change in their lives. Of course, the relationship between them and Michelle was a very important part in a series that was canceled after only 18 episodes.

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