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If there is a type of applications that have become fashionable in recent years along with the rise of smartphones is undoubtedly that allow us to monitor our physical activity daily thanks to the built-in GPS terminals. There are many alternatives on the market and we all offer endless statistics that will only motivate and try to improve on each output, so let’s make a review of the 5 best and most complete we have available for Android.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo CAB1

Endomondo is one of the most famous applications to register our outings and Maybe he used the pull around your app by creating an authentic sports social network with over 15 million users .

Applying divided into different submenus. In the main screen you can start recording and see the duration, distance, speed, calories, pace, heart rate, etc.. of the activity being carried on among the more than 50 sports available (from running downhill) . All these fields are customizable so that we have to view the desired information or if you want, we can choose to see directly the map with our location and travel.

In paragraphs News, History and Friends concentrate our activities known and which we have done, being able to see a summary of them and comment. Also can see our favorite routes, the nearest and see the Challenges to which we pointed or enroll in others.

The application features numerous settings , we can edit our profile, activate the Auto-Pause for the activity to automatically stop when we stop, turn the Audio Trainer to inform us of how we, connect with heart rate strap and cadence sensor, configure notifications and privacy, etc..

All this is included in the free version, but if we can opt for the Pro version ( with a price of € 4.99) that eliminates advertising and includes even more features , and interval programs led by the Audio Coach, view graphs of speed, heart rate, altitude and time by back, energy saving mode, pedometer time or set targets and calories.

Application on Google Play

Application on Google Play

Of course, all information collected have it available in their own Endomondo website , where we see our daily workout. As very negative point , saying that although we Pro version users have to re-pay a monthly amount if you want to get rid of advertising on the web or gain access to our best workouts, analyze and compare activities, etc..


 Strava CAB1

continue with Strava , although this time the same application is divided into two , one for runners, Strava Run, and one for cyclists, Strava Cycling. In both cases are exactly the same, with the same aesthetic functions and beautiful, just change the sport that record. This time there is a paid version of the application, are free and no ads , but can optionally be paying a monthly premium users and enjoy a higher level of analysis of our outputs and functions on the web, which I will explain below.

When you start the app find the Feed of activities, both those of the people that we like ours , we can go to them and view all data, times and distances kilometer, elevation, pace, heart rate and in the event that we Premium users will see an analysis by areas of our beats and rhythm.

In the top menu can pass Record option to Run / Ride (depending on what application we are using), this screen can start recording the activity in question and see details of time, distance, pace per mile and the map, from one view to another by swipe. Profile see our public profile where we can edit it, see our friends, followers, statistics of recent months, personal records and achievements.

 Strava android app1

Strava star feature is without doubt the existence of Segments , which are stretches that can create us or other users and for them to pass on our starts running and cycling, for example a mountain pass, the program automatically detects our time and with it creates a global leaderboard . This I can assure you is a vice amazing , is a constant itch with friends to see who is the fastest in each section. In our smartphones can see where the segments from the Segment Explorer. And lastly, recently added submenu Challenges, challenges or monthly challenges we propose together to motivate.

In the settings section can change the units of measure, if we want to report through audio, connect the Bluetooth pulse monitor , adjust the notifications and privacy. the downside for some, that it is only available in English , although it is very simple to understand everything and there is no loss.

center;”> Strava android app2

Application in Google Play

Application on Google Play

From the Strava website can consult our training diary and progress, creating segments, founding clubs or join existing ones, see the activities of our friends and analyze ours and if we are able to Premium users will see more comprehensive analysis pulse, pace, power (cyclists), filter the rankings by age and weight and gives us the ability to download routes format. gpx to be able to put them on Garmin devices and follow them.


center;”>  Runtastic CAB1

Runtastic is another Spanish applications with best fame to record all our physical activity and although it has different applications targeting sport we will focus on the original principal. We are faced with three display options for which sailed through gestures, Main , the history of our outputs and our location map.

In the Principal can fix four fields with the information you want to see during the activity, and choose from dozens of sports and other kinds of training we want perform (basic or normal, interval by target based on a particular route or manually add an activity) and at the bottom tells us the state of the climate. Of course, we can see all the details of our training already completed, time, distance, speed, elevation, calories, 3D map in Google Earth (limited in free version) and all kinds of statistics .

 runtastic app1

addition if we get the Pro version of the application (4.99 €) we get rid of the ads and get new features like tracking in real time from the web, heart rate zones to optimize training, Colored Traces, which we indicate on the map by color or elevation rhythm, configurable panel with statistics bookmarks, etc..

Application on Google Play

Application in Google Play

 runtastic app2

In Runtastic website find our training and our friends online, we can share them on social networks and export in. gpx , and basic and limited so check statistics, keeping track of our weight and preferred routes sync with your smartphone. To remove these limitations and get even more features (although we have the PRO application) have to hire a monthly or annual subscription to Runtastic GOLD .


 RunKeeper CAB1

Runkeeper is another veteran and most comprehensive applications tracked at our exercise , and was recently updated releasing a very nice renovated interface based design guidelines that Google suggests. In it we find a free and completely in Spanish divided into four screens, the first, Home, where choose the type of activity you are going to make from the available , the path that we will follow and routine training if we had a. Once chosen all we start exercising and all data will show typical time, pace, distance, etc..

In the other screens found our profile, we can edit it, set a goal, see our Personal Records and, in the case of being ELITE users now explain what it is, we can discuss about our progress. Also see the exercise of our friends, activity history and details. Of course, if we can set audio prompts, measurement units, connect a frequency band, etc..

 RunKeeper app1

Application on Google Play

The Runkeeper website ( only available in English ) we can see all the details of our progress, view and create routes, find friends, etc.. And if we want to fully enjoy the application have the option of becoming ELITE users paying a monthly , this implies to broadcast live our exercise through the web, have greater capacity for analysis of our outings, to compare them and help keep premium support.

Sports Tracker

 Sports tracker CAB1

And last, but not worse, find Sports Tracker , another application to record our exercise while we get in shape, keep track of our progress and analyze it. We can consult all the training data, time, distance, calories, see the map, take photos and attach them to practice and share them with friends on social networks.

In the submenu Browse have all application routes, photos and sessions that have taken place near our location , great to discover new ways in which to train. Voice information available during training and all kinds of settings, such as altitude correction or keep plugged screen throughout the activity , very useful if you carry the phone on the handlebars of the bike and we follow a route, but the battery drain will be noticeable.

 sports android app tracks

Application on Google Play

The Sports Tracker website A copy of all our trainings, with multiple detailed maps and graphs to analyze data and , as well as training of friends and their profiles. In this case there is no monthly premium feature to unlock new features.

And here this compilation, many options to choose from but the goal is the same, stay fit and encourage us to do sport . It is very rewarding to see the progress they pass a few months and take a look at the first practice, which is possible thanks to these applications. What is your favorite?

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The 5 best apps for Android sports
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June 22, 2013

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