The 52/17 rule to be more productive

The 52/17 rule for be more productive

O, the exact amount of time you should work each day.

in 2014, the draugiem Group , a company specializing in social networking company, conducted an experiment in which they tracked the activity of all employees using the application DeskTime for measure productivity . This software is quite popular in modern companies because it allows measuring the working time of their employees and how productive they really are.

The aim of the experiment was know the habits that had their best employees, those who were more productive . That differed from the others. What they found was that 10% of employees with higher productivity rather taking regular breaks. They do not put more hours than anyone, either normal working 8 hours a day complete, but specifically, tomaban . 17 minutes rest between each 52 minutes work

The same principle of Pomodoro

 52/17 rule

For many years the Pomodoro technique it has been one of the most used by those who want to increase their productivity. The process is extremely simple and in most cases giant offers good and quick results: work short periods of time and taking short breaks between each session . The Pomodoros usually are 25 minutes with a break of 5 minutes, although there are many variants of the technique, and anyone can choose the time intervals as you see fit, provided they are not too long, almost never more than one hour followed concentration.

Working at short intervals of time but intense and take short breaks, the formula is applied who are more productive.

The 52/17 rule although it seems pretty random, can reasonably be accepted without at the same time is an unbreakable law. The principle is the same Pomodoro, and only makes clear that perhaps there is a gold standard as to how long we can concentrate more intensely on completing tasks , and as the time it takes our brain to cool and recharge.

people are not made to work eight hours without a break, the brain fatigue, we get bored, and productivity declines. Often we spent hours at the desk losing many minutes just staring without being able to concentrate or decide which will be the next task we will address. Instead of doing that, simply must stand, take a break and completely away from everything related to work.

The key is to use those 52 minutes and put the mind to work , to meet goals, start and finish things, not procrastinating. And, then engage with the rest , something that distracts your mind completely. Desktop stand, stretch, maybe do some exercise, read a few chapters of a book, play a game, have a snack, drink coffee and chat with someone about anything, buy shoes online … something that is not interrupted by work emails.

If you are interested in the technical 52/17 can keep an eye on Fokasu , a timer created for just that interval work / rest you can open in a tab in your browser.


The 52/17 rule to be more productive
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March 24, 2016

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