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Lately I see a few football matches, I find it difficult to combine it with other things, and mobile has become in my tool for tracking games. A quick glance and I can see how the day goes live and direct. It’s not like him with friends in the bar or listening to the radio at home but fulfills its mission. stay informed and give me some other annoyance when my team loses

I’ve been trying out a few applications from the start of the League (today speak only Spanish teams) and after testing them have done a compilation with which, in my opinion, are the best and you should try if you want to follow football from your Android . Take note and compares that with the Champions League this week and the weekend a new day, you have time to find the one you like


Application official League

Football 2

Sometimes the official applications are not the best but The League has a good app . It has the best design, it is true, but is that better manages the ads in real time and chronology minute by minute of every game. We can also configure notifications to send us notice by push teams that interest us.

As a reader of news is not bad, is very informative and has a buff tone as some sports media. If you play the Predictor, you can see the results of each day also. It is free and highly recommended as a starting point. With a little luck for next update the design to something more modern year.

La Liga

La Liga Sports

BeSoccer Football Results

Soccer 6

BeSoccer has one of the most complete football games to follow in Android applications. Apart from La Liga, it has to follow more competitions and design is one of the most attractive options out there right now on Android. Simple, intuitive and with the ability to configure different notifications.

It also has live scores every game and the most intuitive classification of all . Of all that are in the list, it’s my favorite opinion. It’s free, it does not include advertisements and if we want are no more data, BeSoccer’s what we’re looking for. An important detail: we can chat with other users in each game and yes, there are many sprints between fans

 Soccer Results BeSoccer

BeSoccer Football Results Sports

My Bookmarks

Football 7

Of all applications list, My Bookmarks is the SUV. Tiene La Liga results and also 27 other sports . Is the most complete if we want information from different sports and also the notification system is very well polished so that the results in real time just arrive with delay.

Visually is simple but the icons and distribution tables make fast implementation between the eyes. The only downside is that if we want more information (chronicles, videos, etc.) will have to consult the usual sports media or find another app but if you are addicted to some data, My Bookmarks will cover your needs in spades. Have we said that it is also free?


MisMarcadores Sports

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: MisMarcadores
  • Download: Google Play


Futbol 5

La Liga, not to be confused with the official application, and is the work of Xoop is an application with fewer options than others which we have seen on the list but that will concrete: results, reports and summaries of the most relevant data of a party. If you want something simple and not overwhelm , is highly recommended.

Aesthetically is not the prettiest but has a very functional design that fulfills its mission. European Cups and also includes various competitions. Too bad no results yet Second Division. Moreover, considering that is free, it is not it can make important judgments.

La Liga

La Liga Sports

UEFA Champions League

Football 4

We take a straw to air to discuss the implementation of the official UEFA Champions League. Yes, but not La Liga play in this competition Spanish teams. Nothing to install and open the application, we ask what is our favorite place to set up a notification that later can change at will team.

As the official app of La Liga, we see the chronic, alerts, follow games in real time and also see news and videos to not miss anything. Is free, runs smoothly and is worth checking out if we keep more than the Spanish European competition.

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League Sports

Football Mahou

Football 1

Mahou is a sponsor of La Liga and given this condition, your app could be considered as an official. We have seen several applications, all resemble each other but what it offers? The possibility of search bars nearby to watch the game we want . It may seem silly but when you are in an area that we know help finding a bar and a beer.

With the latest update has been added to receive results and see some information on Android Wear. The intention is good but if you have configured Google Now with a football team, sometimes tend to overlap. . Go far from being useful in the wrist but as mobile application worth

 Football Mahou

Football Mahou Sports

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Grupo Mahou-San Miguel
  • Download: Google Play

La Liga TV

[[image: {“src”: “cf2ab0 / soccer-3”, “alt”: ” Football 3 “,” extension “,” jpg “,” layout “:” normal “}]

Just our compilation with a different application: La Liga TV. If you like to watch video highlights of the games, it is a highly recommended app because it brings the best plays with chronic shortly after the end of each match. Worth checking out other ways as unofficial difficult to find all the information just as ordered.

Laliga TV

TV Laliga Sports

Bonus Track: Head Soccer Laliga

Soccer Head

Many years ago I was hooked on Soccer Head , a football game very simple where you had to try to put goal with a stubborn player. It was very fast, physical sometimes were a bit unfair but most overflowed fun . Its creators have managed to look after all this time and for some time we have an edition dedicated to La Liga.

We can play with players of our favorite teams or create us one to our liking . Is a good free to play but you have to win a lot of games to get coins and go unlocking content. If you like the carefree games, give it a try.

Soccer Head

Soccer Head Sports

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The 7 best Android apps to track football league
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November 23, 2015

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