The 9 best beers applications for Android

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A mobile applies to many things and, yes, including you are drinking beer. No, do not worry, we will not teach you how to use your Android to open a bottle but today we will talk about the applications that you can use to learn more about this world, which is not exactly small. In fact, discover it is a pleasure if you like to drink, responsibly of course.

This compilation is very personal, are applications I use daily or that at some point I have been helpful. All are perfect for beer and especially to learn more. With some of them I have learned a lot and today they are part of my routine when I go out drinking. . made the presentation, go with the first


Beer Untappd

Untappd is applying first brewer, without discussion. If you usually drink beer, is an app that will have to be always installed . A quick way to define it would call the Foursquare (now Swarm) beers. We came to a bar, ordered, we look at the application and make check-in.

Every time we signed a beer can add a photo, a score and the place where we are at this moment . Effective, easy to use and the ability to share our drinks on social networks. It also has a system of medals as we are achieving certain milestones and no, no reward us by drinking a lot one night.

It’s a fun social network with many users and with some very useful options for discover bars close our . I’ve been using it a couple of years and acknowledge that got me hooked. Useful to share our drinks with others but also to keep track of what you drink over time.


Untappd Social Network


Beer RateBeer

Another essential application. RateBeer is a huge community of brewers , as in Untappd share their beers with the rest of the world. Here already we find comments and complete notes. The main difference we have with Untappd is that this is a huge encyclopedia.

We look for a quick beer and gives us more information. Also, everything is categorized so we can find drinks in an instant. Are you curious about what beers are made in New Zealand? RateBeer gives you a complete list and also tells you which ones are best.

Using RateBeer much besides to find new beers to find bars where drinking when I’m out of Madrid. The list is very complete and well puntuarlos with notes have a list of the beers they have at the time. According to the bar, you can be updated or not but at least serves as a thermometer to know what we will find us.


RateBeer Lifestyle

Beer Citizen

Beer Citizen is a mix between RateBeer and Untappd. It is an application oriented discover beers and clear guidance for that purpose. In fact, the search is very fast and is perfect for going straight to the point.

What this app offers is information more details . We have a simple system of five stars but we can give more data and fill the points made during a tasting. Viz. Aroma, flavor, appearance, taste … the flavor notes are also included

Aesthetically Beer Citizen cries a facelift but as a catalog of beers meets very their duties. Worth checking out when we are already a little stuck in this world and there are probably some things you do not perceive first.

Beer Citizen

Beer Citizen Company


Beer Wunderlist

What does a task manager here? Yes, believe it or not it has received a hole. Wunderlist not only serves to point the job tasks or to remind us of when we have to buy beer. Among the many lists you can create, I have one dedicated to bars and another at restaurants.

When I travel out, especially the United States, I have a list of beers that I would buy . The scored there when I enter a store asking for references. Same with the bars. In fact, for me is tradition find places to drink beer a few days before traveling and then visit them if there is opportunity.

There are many more options, Google Keep also serves, but daily use Wunderlist to organize my day and put the beers there was a natural step. Another trick:. Make you a list to apuntaros outstanding restaurants and so always have ideas on hand when you go out on weekends


Wunderlist Design

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: 6 Wunderkinder
  • Download: Google Play

Beer Advocate


Beer Advocate is main rival RateBeer . Two very similar communities together with small differences in the information provided. A I really like your application to Android because when you’re looking at the page of a beer has a very powerful system that allows us to jump labels in different categories.

Suppose we look at a American IPA we like and we seek similar. We just have to click on that label and give us a complete list of all the beers of this style. Very useful, although I think that removing RateBeer is a much more complete application.


BeerAdvocate Company


Beer Evernote

No me has again cast a productivity application on the list. Evernote is very versatile and when I do tastings floor or in a Moleskine notebook ( this particular model ) or taking notes with this application. Small notes to remember the taste of a beer and nuances.

It is as simple as organize a book for beers and adding entries . Then just takes us to label in the style or manufacturer so you look for is a quick process.


Evernote Design



BeerSpecs is a good complement to Untappd . We can use it to scan bar codes on cans and bottles and find the fastest references. Useful, especially when the name is weird or not leave early because when you search.


BeerSpec Company



If you like beer up the point that you make your planteáis , then BrewR is the application you need. The process is very delicate and it is essential to control the amounts of ingredients, temperature and cooking times. Pure chemistry.

With BrewR can take recipes and list the different ingredients. It’s a good idea to use a notebook to be writing down all the steps. On the Internet there are plenty of recipes and I already notice that will take you out while always identical. It is not easy to make a real beer.

BrewR - Beer Recipe Manager

BrewR – Beer Recipe Manager Tools

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Weekend Coders, LLC
  • Download: Google Play

Next Glass

Just a list of the applications that I have recently joined my Android. Next Glass is another scanner beers but instead of using the barcode recognizing what is the label. It works well, is fast but still lacks catalog to be a powerful app.

There are many other applications related to beer but honestly, these are the most interesting and useful options. The rest are mostly games to pretend that we drink a beer with mobile using accelerometers or other related drinking games more applicable United States as the Beer Pong.

Next Glass

Next Glass Lifestyle

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The 9 best beers applications for Android
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