The AI we are going to change your life: how will we be better people, we will be more healthy and we will pass better?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) we are going to change your life. Experts say that what comes from his hand is a revolution. Is the technology that “can change the future of Humanity in all the senses,” says Yolanda Gil, director of technologies of knowledge in the Institute of Information Science of the University of Southern California (EE UU).This madrid is also president of the american Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence and thinks that the AI is going to change everything we can make in scientific progress, to better protect our environment, cure diseases, and “it’s going to revolutionize our everyday behavior”.Gil has participated in Madrid in the symposium “the future of Science in the 21st century: Artificial Intelligence”, in the European Academy of Sciences. Around this theme have been collected more than a hundred worldwide experts.This expert believes that we will have systems of AI that help us “to be more healthy, to be better people, that you give us when we’re nervous and we’re going to jump in and berate someone that we should not do (…) to pasárnoslo better and have better social relations”.What even better people? Control in a building with IA the light of the windows and the temperature can make that the workers are more or less stressed out -says-, you feel so that you are going to vex less. “Something that you can not imagine that can happen, but I think it has the power to help them to be better people”, ensures.The AI is an area in which there is “a lot of that research”, but all that has been done in the last 25 years, is already transferring to the market, highlights Asunción Gómez, vice-rector for Research of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.Thus, it can be applied to everything that has to do with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, or to view “how each of us can contribute a little to the preservation of the planet”, for example -indicates – there are devices that measure the electricity you consume at home, or if you put a lot of the washing machine.The IA is going to happen “very soon to be horizontal”, we will be able to apply it to any area of life. It is already in our pockets with the smart phones “and has come to stay, now he says, ” what is a responsible use”.The ethics and the legal limits is one of the topics on which he has discussed in his appointment in Madrid the European Academy of Sciences and from different organizations and associations is given, for example, the European Commission published six months ago few guidelines on how you have to go to an AI be able to move forward and legislate to create interdisciplinary teams, shaped not only by lawyers and scientists, but by philosophers, sociologists “to be able to understand the why of things, and other anthropological issues”, said Gomez. In addition, one should not lose sight of the “look context of the society”.It is not the same as you are using AI in the united States, China or Europe, and there are factors such as the religious or the values of a society. “To be able to assess whether the decision made by an intelligent system is right or wrong will depend, in the end, the context” and so, to Gomez, “the solutions will also have to go contextualised”.Gil considers that “we have a lot to learn of all the issues of ethics and applications in biomedicine”, that takes time dealing with issues that are “very difficult”. The IA has expanded in recent years with strength, “and we have not had a stage to mature the ethical issues appropriately”.The European Commission presented the past month of April, master lines to develop the AI in the European Union. Its purpose, he said, is to ensure the goal of achieving benefits for society as a whole, respecting the privacy of the data, and protect against foreseeable errors and attacks.To do this we created the high-level group of experts on Artificial Intelligence of the European Commission. In its last report, published in June, these experts will have asked the EU to ban the IA to identify people and also that the regulate in regard to the massive surveillance. And is that they said, if it is not legit, the AI may cause harm to individuals, society and the environment.
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The AI we are going to change your life: how will we be better people, we will be more healthy and we will pass better?
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October 23, 2019

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