‘The awakening of force’ is about 20 million euros in revenue in Spain


  • ‘The awakening of force’ has admitted 1,090 million dollars in 10 days worldwide.
  • In the Spanish box office he has also debuted hard ‘Palmeras in the snow’, with 3 million raised over the weekend.
  • ‘Eight Catalan surname’ took 1.5 million and continues its impressive success.

The awakening of force

Last weekend, that of Christmas, The awakening of force was also the highest grossing for a second week in Spanish cinemas with 5.5 million euros, according to the Data collected by href=”https://twitter.com/rentrakspain” Rentrak Spain. It is expected that within a few days reach 20 million. Your great competitor, href=”http://www.20minutos.es/minuteca/ocho-apellidos-catalanes/” Eight Catalan surnames , it was the third most-watched with a million and a half euros and nearly 31 million since its release last November 20.

Episode VII of the Star Wars series has achieved worldwide, another record, surpassing the 1.000 million dollars ?? more than 911 million euros ?? collection in just 10 days of release. Specifically, according to provisional data BoxOffice.com , have entered 1,090 million.

also it becomes the candidate to beat the record collection which holds href=”http://www.20minutos.es/cine/cartelera/pelicula/30335/avatar/” Avatar , James Cameron , and that between 2009 and 2010 added no less than 2.788 million while href=”http://www.20minutos.es/cine/cartelera/pelicula/1643/titanic/” Titanic also Cameron, is second with 2,187.

Returning to the Spanish rooms, total last weekend have registered a higher income at 14 million euros, A fact that has not happened since 2014. In addition to The awakening of force and Eight Catalan surnames, the other main architect of this great collection is the Spanish production Palm trees in the snow starring by Mario Casas target=”_blank”> and Berta Vazquez href=”http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7152208/” target=”_blank”> , which debuted in second place 3 million.

Another novelty was the animated feature Charlie and Snoopy: Peanuts film , who won the fourth position with 900,000 euros; and also debuted in fifth place href=”http://www.20minutos.es/cine/cartelera/pelicula/34846/el-desafio-the-walk/” The challenge (The Walk) , directed by Robert Zemeckis target=”_blank”> 700,000 euros.

The rest of the list of the highest grossing is completed with The Bridge of Spies , sixth and accumulated over 6 million 3 ½ weeks; Animation href=”http://www.20minutos.es/cine/cartelera/pelicula/34753/el-viaje-de-arlo/” Arlo’s journey and placing seventh around 7 million ; href=”http://www.20minutos.es/cine/cartelera/pelicula/34754/los-juegos-del-hambre-sinsajo-parte-2/” The games Hunger: Mockingjay – Part 2 eighth with a total so far to exceeds 10.5 million; Suffragettes was ranked ninth and over half a million euros; and tenth place in the American comedy href=”http://www.20minutos.es/cine/cartelera/pelicula/34843/navidades-bien-o-en-familia/” Christmas, okay or family


‘The awakening of force’ is about 20 million euros in revenue in Spain
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December 28, 2015

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