The beautiful and full time information Google is here

Time Google

Seven months it is what we have had to wait for the implementation of Google show us your nueva weather information in our language. Finally the renewed Time Google expands worldwide.

Under a more attractive and colorful new interface, Time Google goes to show now much more information than before, making it a complete application time within the application of Google Android


Weather Google

Time Google

The new time Google is divided into three tabs. On the first tab “Today” will see the current temperature and forecast, with the allowance for hours, showing minimum and maximum temperatures, moisture, wind chill, the state sky, UV index, dew point, pressure atmosphere, visibility of the horizon, the speed and direction of air, precipitation, and information on sunrise and sunset.

Time Google

In the tab” Tomorrow “will see the minimum and maximum temperatures, state the sky, forecast for hours, humidity, UV index, sunrise and sunset, precipitation and wind. In the flange 10 days we will see a summary of the forecast for the next ten days.

Another important novelty of the new Time Google is that you easily add locations to check the time from the bar of your browser.

to access the new time Google just have to click on the card time Google Now or ask google for time. Soon the application will suggest adding un direct access to our desktop to access the time

In Engadget Android. | Así is the new time information Google, now with more data and more visual

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The beautiful and full time information Google is here
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July 29, 2016

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