The beginning of the end for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

The beginning of the end for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

After all, American governments do not seem as interested in human rights.

the Inter-American Commission on human rights is in a serious economic crisis that could limit its functions from this year. American and Caribbean states have decided not take care of their own human rights system that failure to raise the necessary funds could limit its functions.

The Commission needs about 10 million annually to operate. Of these, 4.5 million come from the bottom of the Organization of American States (OAS) that gives 6% of its budget made up of donations from member countries. The rest of the money comes from voluntary donations from member states, donations of observers (mostly European) and scholarships for universities and agencies.

So far, the major contributors were the United States, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Norway, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland, but with the current refugee crisis priorities have changed mainly for European countries, who have decided to focus the money to own countries or Africa and the Middle East.

the reasons for the financial crisis of the Commission point to a vendetta policy by the governments of the member states, for example, Luis Alfonso Alba de Góngora, Mexican diplomat said to CNN in a report the commission declared that in Mexico a serious human rights crisis exists. Then the Mexican government made no donation to 2016.Los 2015 and state governments in the region are not required to make contributions.

If the financial situation does not improve, July 31 as any private company would.

the Commission has the mission to safeguard human rights, which we all. In theory, states must assure them, however, it is not always so. When a state through public officials does nothing to secure (default) or they themselves affect (action), it is a violation of the most basic rights. The bodies such as the Commission exist to prevent abuses of authority and have mechanisms to live in societies where the minimum standards of coexistence between governments and the governed are met.

President Commission said that the Commission does not follow any particular ideology diversity that exists in the continent:

the Commission criticizes violations in all countries of the continent. We have insisted on closing Guantanamo, criticized the United States; We have launched a scathing report on Canada, on the situation of indigenous girls and women missing; publish reports on Mexico, on Venezuela, in Argentina, in Brazil, in Chile, on the countries of left, right, center, do not know what, I get to define the ideology unless full respect for human rights, if that is an ideology we are guilty because we believe in this ideology.


The beginning of the end for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
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May 27, 2016

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