The best alternatives to Google Trips to prepare your trips

The best alternatives to Google Trips to prepare for your travels

Google Trips will close on the 5th of August, in full summer season. This simple application managed to make a gap between the applications to manage travel in his short life of three years, thanks to its simplicity and smart features, such as the integration of the itineraries obtained from Gmail.

will Google Trips and other applications must occupy its place. Among all the apps of travel available in the Google Play, we have chosen those with a similar functionality, which is free and available in Spanish. They are the following.



we Begin our list with Minube, the popular app Spanish that much has changed since its first version for Android. As the Google Trips, it allows you to choose a destination to see a list of activities, sites to see, where to eat and hotels.

First you choose the destination and then you add the ricones that interest you (of more than 2 million in total) to your list of each destination. Each corner includes photos and any other important information, in addition to be placed on the map. The lists can be downloaded for use offline.

minube - my travels

minube – my trips



Another veteran is TripAdvisor. In its application, the equivalent of Google Trips would be the tab Travel, where you can create a trip to that after you add items from the extensive database of TripAdvisor.

unlike Google Trips, you will use to collect your reservations of flights and hotels, but at least you can have to hand the bookings you make on the own TripAdvisor. A strong point of the application is the information of each attraction / hotel / venue, usually with many pictures, reviews and useful information.

TripAdvisor-hotels, restaurants, flights

TripAdvisor: hotels, restaurants, flights

Trip by Skyscanner


The name is similar to Google Trips, although the application is quite different, especially at the technical level. It shows a little slow and is more of a website embedded in an app that is an app in itself, but it serves you to search for things to do in a specific destination.

you Can see the points of interest on the map, by filtering the different categories. Each place includes at least one photo and sometimes some additional information, which is complemented with reviews of travelers. As in Google Trips, you can save your favorite locations in a list.

Trip by Skyscanner

Trip by Skyscanner

Extra: the web of Google Travel


it is Not an app, but as if it were. The newly released Google Travel is probably the reason why the company has cast the closure to Google Trips, and is that the goal is basically the same, but in a web application.

The good news is that this web application maintains much of the functionality of Google Trips, including your previous trips and the auto-sync of your tickets and reservations from Gmail. The bad, you need connection to the Internet.

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The best alternatives to Google Trips to prepare your trips
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July 27, 2019

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