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I confess that since I saw the first tablets, my subconscious made an immediate, automatic association “ Comics “. In my opinion, a tablet is a great tool to read them, but we must find the app that best suits our needs and taste for it. I’ve tried several and I think I can give you a relevant list and that suits different user profiles, as not all will give the same use and will read the same type of format. Without further ado, here we go:

Perfect Viewer

Perfect Viewer Applications Android in Google Play started by one having a higher score Play Store . Perfect Viewer is free, and will allow us to read comics on any Android device . If you know of that goes a bit like this, and be familiar with the comic formats. CBZ . CBR . These are compressed files that contain all the image files that make up the comic. If you did not know, do the test:.. If you change the extension cbr to a comic by zip , you can unzip it and see all the images that compose Perfect viewer is fully compatible with these files, and folders containing images with JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP . Its interface conforms perfectly, and allows us to move and explore the document from gestures, minimazando if I want the menus and focusing one hundred percent on the content. We have two types d electura, from left to right and right to left, become indispensable if we read manga. This is the video with their creators show its benefits (I do not know you, but I would lower the volume to the audio):

Application Google Play


GoComics2 Applications Android in Google Play

If you like comics Calvin & Hobbes, Dilbert, Peanuts, Garfield and Big Nate, you’re luck. All of this content belongs to Uniersal Uclick , the entertainment company that now provides us with all this material. Its database contains over 20 years of material, which you can search by name or by date and have the option of adding more strips that we like at our favorite.

The interface is simpler in other cases, but perfectly fulfills considering the format for which it is intended. A final noteworthy feature is the option to share our favorite strips through social networks or email. GoComics is free and among its catalog has many comics in our language.

Application Google Play


Comics Apps Android in Google Play

This app store is perhaps the biggest comics in electronic format to which we have access. It has the content of the two major American publishers – Marvel and DC – so it is a perfect choice for fans of superhero comics! Comixology has three versions, a generically from which we can access the catalog and buy all the adaptations of DC and Marvel . These only change the catalog and customizing colors interface .

If you are fan of one of the two editorials, runs through this app, and that between paid content free content is also included to test the application. The comics viewer is austere and intuitive, and from the typical gestures can turn pages, zoom … Obviously we jump to a specific page.

The apicación is free on Google Play:

Application in Google Play

Application in Google Play

Application Google Play


ComicRack Free Apps Android in Google Play For me, without a doubt is the best. My comics collection PC is cataloged and organized with your desktop client. I have spent hundreds of hours reading on it, and when I discovered that there was Android I ran swiftly to install. If you know the desktop option and I love you when instaléis mobile app you will feel at home. It offers the same features and functions.

The organization of the library is identical. The reading interface is very complete, allowing us to navigate the comic book in many different ways: full screen, zooming, frame by frame … I also support the immersive mode Android KitKat . If you have an extensive collection of titles, both the app and the desktop program you go pearl. ComicRack has a free version and a fee, it offers, among many others, the interesting possibility of transmitting our comics from your desktop to your mobile device via wifi .

Application Google Play

Application in Google Play

The selection that I have presented is completely arbitrary, but looking from my humble knowledge, the best in the sector. Are those applications I use and I’ve used, with which I feel comfortable. Obviously ignorance, I must have left some applications of high quality. If you know any application which deserves mention, feel free and tell us! I will be very grateful. And remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

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The best android apps for reading comics
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January 26, 2014

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