The best applications for the Sony SmartWatch 2

The best applications for the Sony SmartWatch 2

smartwatch The market is higher, although much are the users who are still seeing use, manufacturers still insist on it. Mind you, each in a different way, but can be classified into 3 styles:

Omate style that aims to have a mini version of Android on your wrist.

The Galaxy Gear which is a phone has features like the camera but it is a closed environment: only devices (some) Galaxy with limited applications. Finally we have the Sony and Pebble style, that of a fellow phone without it is a simple clock with it improves our overall experience.

For those who do not understand the usefulness of a smartwatch, in this sense, is simple: avoid taking or looking at the phone unless it is necessary, and know when to do it. For this, the smartwatch allows us to see all notifications and toggle settings.
One of the key differences with the Gear sel SW2 is involved is Sony with third-party applications. Not only has a development kit for clock applications, also organized a series of Hackatones (programming contests least understood) to ensure that the watch had some apps before leaving. And for those going to talk today, third-party applications. Divide by function applications

Control settings. Winner, Commander

Commander allows us to control the settings of the phone without it out: if we get to work and want to reconnect the wifi, we do so from the clock. In the same way we can change the sound and see the battery. The application works great, is free and will quickly become one of the most used of your watch.
Application on Google Play
Application on Google Play

Find your phone. Winner: Find It

Have you ever searched and searched the phone without finding it, but you know what room is? It is a fairly common situation, linked especially to be in a hurry (the more haste more damn lies).

While we can use Web applications to it as Cereberus, not always will have a computer at the time. FindIT offers a simple solution. By this application we can find the phone (provided that it remains in the range of the clock) in several ways:

Light, lights up the screen with white flasheos.

13px;”> We combine the previous three as we want.

While the clock has a official application to find and there are free alternatives, FindIt presents winning in this category to choose signals separately and can be adapted to situations: If you’re in the movies and did not find the phone in the middle of a film can turn the screen or make it vibrate without disturbing anyone or if we just want to know if the phone is in the bag we just vibration or sound, the screen is unnecessary.
Application on Google Play


Maps: GPS Maps

The phones have become the GPS of the vast majority of us still not particularly attractive carry the phone in your hand to see where we are continually. First usually just need a reminder of where we to know if we are doing well and second (but perhaps more important) walking with the phone in hand does not always end well.
The application allows us to see on the clock our position on the map in real time by GPS phone. Not only is useful for those cases where we just want to confirm the position, is extremely useful at a time when access to the phone is a pain as when playing sports. Also the latest update has added options like mark where we left the car and using the Open Street Map maps that are very complete.
Application on Google Play

Finalist: no competitor

Browser: WebBrowser

Before everyone throw me to the neck by the idea of ​​sailing on such a small screen put yourself in a situation: imagine that you are in class and the Nexus 5 has to leave. You can not get the phone every time to check out yet, but you can look at the clock and refresh the web page. To each their own situations will occur, although I admit to be very punctual.
Yet the application works pretty well, can get bookmarks from your phone for easy navigation and is free, so surely you worth having. You’ll see as you finish using it.

Application on Google Play

Finalist: no competitor

Self locking and alarm away.

Unfortunately theft and neglect can happen to all of us. Although they are so common, does not mean it represents the great annoyance when it comes to something as personal and used as the phone. To prevent malicious use someone to do the same SW2 has several solutions that are activated when you lose the connection to the phone.
The first one is the toggle. It is as simple as a pin that is activated when the phone loses connection to the clock and off when the recovery. This means we can leave the phone on the table and go quietly with the clock without fear that someone snooping. Also some allow us lock the phone remotely to cut to close curious.
The second option is an alarm to sound on the phone (remember that vibrates SW2 losing and regaining connection so this complementary that alarm). The problem with this option is that if we neglect the phone a time or lose connection, ringing will need it or not.

Application on Google Play

Application on Google Play

Customers from other apps

The clock can also be used for applications oriented extension to put some order into our lives. Thus we can find supplements to Any.Do task manager, note readers or even a Tasker client

Application on Google Play


One of the most important things is watch collecting phone notifications. With official applications can only pick up the mail, Facebook and Twitter, leaving out many apps. To do this we two types of applications: general and specific. The only specific you inform us of other application notifications. The advantage of these is usually grouped messages have this app versus having all messages together as in general.

general From have many options, the most notable Wristn, WatchIt and WatchNotifier. All of them allow a blacklist of apps that do not want to “hear”, erase notifications clock and not spend notifiaciones the clock if the phone screen is on. Yet each with their forte
  • WatchNotifier us to delete all events one time turn on the screen automatically. In this way we will not have to go to specifically delete each message. As a point against is not supported for all applications, so messages, such as accruing from Line, have not read your content, we just know that we are notified application. Besides default each new application must get a hand on the blacklist after installing and payment (although a very good price).
  • WatchIt has support for all or most (although I have not found one that does not have) all applications but lacks the self-clearing option.
  • Wristn has the same support as WatchIt but differs in how we select the applications: instead of having a list of apps and go ticking, clock always will listen and only when an application notify us we can make for the Blacklist. This operation is simple, intuitive and you can dial from the watch itself.

Application on Google Play

Application on Google Play

Application on Google Play

These are just some of the options that we offer, in addition to other as activating telephone recording or launch apps directly from the smartphone SW2. This helps to make our SmartWatch 2 in a great complement to any Android.

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