The best applications of recipes to come up with the christmas menu

The best applications of recipes to come up with the christmas menuThe week prior to the arrival of the listed dates, christmas is a time to plan menus, to launch ‘trial balloons’ about these (there is always some person that doesn’t like seafood and just want meat), and buy the food before you increase the trials. In this period of uncertainty cuisine and enjoy the local gastronomy, nothing better than review, among the best valued, some apps of recipes with ideas for our dishes.Hatcook, available for iOS and Android, is a social network designed for the ‘foodies’ are looking to share their recipes or they can orient yourself and follow your favorites users. In the categories section there is a dedicated to the Christmas season with multiple options. There is also the option to search a specific ingredient and find suggestions. For optimal operation, it is best to register and create a profile with basic information about level, preference and frequency with which it is cooked.Another interesting application is Kitchen Stories (Apple Store, Google Play), which offers an endless number of recipes with their steps with detailed videos and tutorials. With respect to these dates you can search for dishes in categories such as banquets, christmas or bakery christmas. You can add recipes to your shopping list in order to have clear all the necessary ingredients, and don’t forget none (you click on the already provided and it will indicate that you are missing).Also available for iOS and Android, Cookpad search for the user to create and save your own cookbook. The social network, which aims to share recipes easy to follow, reflects that Christmas is already here, since the most frequent searches are taken by the same (‘Christmas dinner’, ‘recipes of Christmas’, ‘Christmas recipes’, ‘Christmas’, ‘canapés for Christmas’).Once downloaded, Tasty opens two ways: the classic with all the recipes and the vegetarian, in which in line are hidden recipes that call for meat. design colorful, allows you to search for recipes based on filters such as difficulty, time of day, type of meal and occasion, dietary restrictions, etc, it should Be noted that, at least in the version for iOS, is English, although it is understood with ease.In this selection could not miss the popular Cookidoo, the official app for the lovers of the culture Thermomix. The user can add recipes to a weekly planner, schedule these with a single click (‘Cooking today’), manage their own lists as well as add recipes to bookmarks to read them later. Have side-by-side Cook-Key (accessory of the Thermomix TM5) allows you to synchronize recipes, menus, and collections from the app. For iOS and Android.

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