The best apps you will not find in Google Play

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Google Play has become the main access to download applications. Whenever you have a large catalog and we finds it all good. Well, almost everything. There are some apps that refuse to go through this store and prefer to stay out but continue to offer all its creations. The reasons why are there are several and found case of all kinds.

Despite being outsiders, it is worth keeping an eye beyond the walls of Google Play . There are very interesting applications that we can contribute a lot in day to day or even give services and solutions that we already know apps do not give us. We will have prepared a selection of the best



XBlast Xposed Tools For Android

Xposed is a unique application in the Android world and also one of the most useful apps that you can install if you’ve done root . In fact, the latter is a fundamental requirement if we want it to work. With this app you can install modules to add features or modify other very easily.

The grace Xposed is the number of modules that there and all you can do with they. Namely: enabled mode with one hand to use any device , download Instagram photo , video playback in the background on YouTube , modify the navigation bar … very complete and powerful but not getting on Google Play

More information and download |. Xposed



Kodi is one of the most complete multimedia centers that exist for Android. With it we can manage our library of video on a computer and transmit to other devices that are connected to the same local network . Easy to use, with many options and a classic because it takes many years between us, although probably you recognize the name of XMBC.

Why is not Google Play? Does not have any legal problems and some of its competitors as it does Plex are so looks more like a own decision . But then it is easy to find controls for mobile applications such as Yatse . Anyway, is a powerful multimedia center that worth trying if you have a lot of series, film and music

More information and download |. Kodi


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We talked about it yesterday. Many know him as Chinese Spotify and nothing better to define it. With this application we can hear music streaming or download to play offline. Is free, has a very large and although it is in Chinese, has two good translation into English and Spanish catalog.

Why I can not lose Google Play? First because it is a Chinese service and there move applications from other digital stores that have nothing to do with that of Google. On the other, if he were to play he would meet with many legal problems as it gives access to what is probably content copyright

More information and download | NetEase in Spanish



Want to remove advertising applications or websites? Si AdBlock browser that brought you is not enough , Adaway goes further and eliminates at a stroke all the banners that appear on app or browser. This effective, easy to configure and with one requirement:. take root in order to use

Why is not Google Play? Probably many obstacles would find when I go here as publi eliminate application conflicts brings many developers of other apps. Enemies were not going to miss but you can try it without problems from their website

More information and download |. Adaway

PopCorn Time

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Another good example of attractive and equally controversial application. We all already know and while you traijos analysis background. With this app you can access a huge catalog of series and movies completely free. In addition, Chromecast supports and so we can see it on TV at the touch of the button.

explained this, it becomes clear why Popcorn Time will not be in Google Play. The eliminated at a stroke to see that you can access all this content with the push of a button. It would be short-lived so the best is that unload and we install it manually. No choice

More information and download |. Popcorn Time


Va Official3

Sometimes the sound quality of a mobile or tablet is weak. We can not change the speakers but make some changes to the equalization to improve their quality a little. Are there any applications for it? Of course, a few but none offer the same quality as VIper4Android .

With the suite of Viper can improve the quality of low or modify various parameters such as surround sound. This application is not just about playing parameters, also has software and proprietary technology to improve the sound everything. requires patience and some technical knowledge but it can take much advantage.

More information and download | Viper


Show Box For Pc

Showbox is another application style Popcorn Time: a repository of series and movies that we can watch without paying anything . The interface is somewhat less successful but the application is quite powerful and has quality content and updated. And ye imagine why it is not in Google Play, right

More information and download |? ShoeBox



One of the first applications I gave my mobile Android was using it to read weekly sleeves . According’ve been changing mobile and having models with larger screens, their use has increased. Looking for an application to read? In Google Play there are a few but outside have a very interesting option. Mangamania

I personally do not understand why Animania is not in Google Play. Several of its kind in the app store, in fact to also allow you to download to the memory directly. If you like the concept, they have variations of this idea but with other content: anime, Asian soap operas and cartoons in general

More information and download | Mobi24



Another strange step application that does not want to go through Google Play though he had no problem doing so. MiXplorer is an excellent file browser . In fact, it is a very complete choice because we can manage folders and documents from our Android with a lot of depth and options.

The interface is very neat and also has a search engine to find files in seconds. A very comprehensive application that probably go unnoticed among the general public because it can only be downloaded from a thread on XDA forum. Its creator, by the way, has some very interesting other app: Notes and Deskclock

More information and download | XDA



Watching TV on Android can . Diving for the network there are many services that broadcast streaming live chains but access to them is a bit tedious. Fortunately there are applications that make our lives easier and MobDro is perfect. It works well, allows us to search content very quickly and is free.

That is not in Google Play probably has to do with there are some other payment channel between the selection of content that offers ModBro. In addition, some broadcasters are quite reticientes to distribute their content in channels that are not their own

More information and download |. MobDro



If you’re looking for an application to view the lyrics of the songs you hear on your Android warn that the best app for it is not in Google Play. Where did you find? F-Droid and his name is QuickLyric. His name is true to his service because is very fast when it comes to find the lyrics of the songs

Its operation is very simple. Began to play music, and abrirmos QuickLyric She will automatically look for to give us the letter in a few seconds. A great example of how beyond Google domains there are great applications too. In addition, it is free

More information and download |. F-Droid

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The best apps you will not find in Google Play
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June 5, 2015

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