The best camera apps in Android

The best camera apps in Android

We collect the best Android camera application to take full advantage of photographic possibilities offered by our smartphone.

Increasingly, the smartphones are becoming not only a tool with which to call or navigate, but in which we also find many more services for which prior was necessary more than one device. One such possibility is the take pictures using only our own Mobile.

The smartphones without cameras now allow for the market once dominated by the compact low-end / media . Previously compact for two simple reasons were used: they were portable and allowed to have a much more decent quality than most mobile of the time

But the balance has been modified. and now most smartphones satisfy the needs who were previously fulfilled with these compact. Take a picture and host it on social networking never been so simple.

Therefore, we will try to collect the best camera apps in Android, which will allow us substitute in some cases, very limited app that comes preinstalled factory in our smartphone.

Google camera

 1 google camera

Let’s start with the most basic, Google camera is an app based on equipment design which in many cases will be more than enough for most users.

Depending on the characteristics of our device are enabled functions like Photo Sphere , which allow us to create a panorama using both horizontal axis and vertical.

Manual Camera

 2. Manual camera

Manual Camera is specially designed to take advantage of the API released with Lollipop for Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 . Thus, we can control manually issues such as shutter speed or sensitivity .

In addition, it also allows you to save files in RAW , which is useful if you want to have as much information as possible in . for further editing course, keep in mind that this will also affect the weight of the file obtained after taking

Perfectly Clear

 3. Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear do something that already includes the official default iPhone camera and personally consider of great importance when taking a picture, I mean independently control exposure and approach . That is, even if we have a mobile that allows exposing a timely manner, it only measured in the area where we previously marked focus.

This app, while providing a library and gallery of filters, incorporates a camera that can be very useful if we take a snapshot controlling the light in a certain way.


Credit: YouTube / MobileBurn

Credit: YouTube / MobileBurn

Although most known VSCO Cam for its properties as editing program, the app also incorporates a camera that gives very good results.

As was the case with that of Google, VSCO camera has an aesthetic and functions very simple, but which may also be sufficient. In addition, the application can be configured from the settings to be open directly into camera mode , thus relegating its editing features into the background.

Camera FV-5

5 Camara FV-5

According to its creators, Cámara FV-5 try to translate the experience of a DLSR a mobile application. Therefore, incorporating features such as braketing to make the same scene at different exposures, or different modes (program or priority exposure time) that will define the features of our decision.

In addition, as happened with Manual Camera, this app also allows you to use manual controls and shooting in RAW, but only with devices that Google has enabled this function, the LG Nexus 5 and Motorola Nexus 6.

Long Exposure Camera 2

Although the design of Long Exposure Camera 2 is somewhat outdated, the app supports during a photo shoot for a long time to produce images of larga exposure

However, the free version of this app a significantly reduced quality of images obtained by limiting aspects such as resolution or even placing a watermark.

Camera MX

camera mx

Finally, Camera MX is an application that can be used from Android 2.3 Froyo , so to be compatible with most devices that operating system.

It also includes interesting effects such as tiltshift , used to blur the contours of an image and focus attention on center, or little planet , which converts our image in a round ball with a similar appearance to that of a planet.


The best camera apps in Android
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March 12, 2015

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