The best chollos to renew your mobile Android, in our Hunt for Bargains

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some time Ago my motive is not that it was. Already not going so smoothly, the battery lasts less and the warning of memory full and it begins to tire. In addition, such a small chopped on the screen threatens to become a lady crack as I fall back.

If you feel identified with any of these situations (or with all), perhaps it is time for say goodbye to your old Android and find a substitute. The goodbyes are always bitter, but with these deals sure will hurt a little less.

The best deals on Android smartphones

  • OnePlus 3Q: OnePlus prepares for the expected launch of the OnePlus 5, which means that each time are less opportunities for getting a OnePlus 3T. If you want to make with this ‘flagship killer’, Gearbest is only 373,79 euros in the 64 GB version.

  • Samsung Gaalaxy S8 and S8+: the new Samsung flagship take a little time to the sale, but there are already some discounts that are very interesting such as this of almost 160 million euro from eBay. Come imported from Germany, the Galaxy S8 remains in 649,99 euros and the Galaxy S8+ in 749,99 euros.

  • LG G6 Dual SIM: with the LG G6 something similar happens. The terminal came to the shops a few months ago and already begin to appear the first discounts to get it at the best price. In this case it is the version with double SIM slot and is on eBay for only 507,04 euros.

  • Xiaomi Mi 6: the flagship of Xiaomi was announced last April and was surprised, not only for its features but for its price, higher than that of previous generations. On Gearbest you can get it for 427,19 euros for a limited time.

  • Moto G5 Plus: we go down a step and place us in the average range. The Moto G5 Plus is the bet of Lenovo to conquer the huge audience that looks for that ‘plus’ features, but keeping a reasonable price. The terminal is on Amazon for 267,85 euros.

  • BQ Aquaris Or Plus: the Spanish company BQ also has its own mid-range ‘plus’. You can now get the 16 GB version with 2 GB of RAM on eBay for a very interesting price: 169 euros.

  • BQ Aquaris X: another smartphone from BQ, also mid-range, but with most advanced features. The model of 32 GB with 3 GB of RAM is now on eBay for 259 euros.

Aquaris X Pro 5

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 64 GB: Xiaomi also has a wide range of middle-range smartphones, but the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is one of the most we like, both for their performance and, above all, your price. On eBay you by 165,99 euros in the 64 GB version and 3 GB of RAM.

  • Huawei P9 Lite: offer from eBay of another mid-range, this time the Huawei P9 Lite. Versions ‘Lite’ of the chinese company tend to be a sales success. Now you just get the P10 Lite, the previous model has dropped even more in price, specifically 134,99 euros.

  • Vernee Thor 4G: offer a lot for very little is the maximum of many chinese companies as Vernee. The Thor 4G with chip Mediatek eight-core, 3 GB of RAm and even fingerprint reader, all for 100 euros with this offer from Amazon.

  • 15% discount on mobile wiko site: wiko site is a French brand which is quite common in the intermediate segment. If you are interested in any of their phones, in Worten have a collection with a 15% discount. For example, the wiko site, Or Feel you are left in 152,92 € and the wiko site Robby low to 118,92 eur.

  • Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 + Samsung Galaxy Tab: if, in addition, mobile also you want to get with a tablet, in The Phone House have this interesting offer 2×1 waiting for you. The pack will cost 349 euros.

  • Xiaomi Mi Pad 3: we close with another tablet, but the Xiaomi. The chinese company announced Mi Pad 3 at the beginning of April, betting on the same line of design in the style iPad and a data sheet is pretty full. In Gearbest is on offer for 226,94 euros, but hurry, it ends.

Up here we Hunting for Bargain of this week. If this selection is os falls short, you can be aware of the best deals of the Internet from Compradicción. We remind you that the comments, as always, are open so you can add the bargains that you will find allende the seas of the Internet. And if you want more, in seven days we will return. Have a good weekend everyone!

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The best chollos to renew your mobile Android, in our Hunt for Bargains
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May 26, 2017

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