The best current animated series called Gravity Falls

The best current animated series called Gravity Falls

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There are few elements of Gravity Falls that have made an outstanding animated series. On the one hand, has a charming story, endearing characters and beautiful animation; moreover, it is intelligent and treats his public as such , is fun with its simple and hilarious humor combined with no little black humor and acid; its range of elements captures young and adults alike

On other occasions we have already recommended this series created by Alex Hirsh in Hipertextual and un title of the animated series that all adults should see . And the series has not done anything other than mature, become more fun and develop a more exciting plot. These and other reasons are sufficient to justify why an adult wants to see this series and other more than, Fortunately, they have made in recent years.

the following are some highlights of Gravity Falls and why we recommend it.

the twins Pines and his magical summer


In this so single is the series, twin brothers who go to visit his uncle to a town in Oregon called Gravity Falls . They, from California, they find plenty of adventures this summer: mysteries, fantasy creatures, dimensional travel; but also simple things that any child under 12 can live: first love, first kiss, the urgent desire to grow and at the same time, to remain as children

Dipper and Mabel. Pines they are adorable characters, each in their own way. While Dipper is a guy interested in science and RPGs (his favorite is called Dungeons, Dungeons, Dungeons and More , the reference count alone); Mabel is … the adjectives to describe her escape; this character so pink, colorful, with a sweater for every occasion, brings the lighthearted part, the part girl-girl-unicorn-pussy-glitter-girl, to put it in some way. This with a touch of madness and a lot of heart: no boredom with Mabel


But not think that these children, these short descriptions, are predictable or characters are clichés, and although they are sometimes are adorned with many elements that become endearing characters . Over the chapters you come to worship this pair of twins and their peculiar relationship of brothers

Fantasy, magic and archenemies


the summer that the brothers Pines thought would be fun and quiet in this small town in Oregon becomes a adventure that involves elves, unicorns, magic, cryptology, zombies, video game characters come to life, the end of the world; as well as plenty of fantastic elements and magic that will only bring us more fun.

The villains in this series have a lot to teach any series or movie, animated or live action . And they are round, they are made with great wit and intelligence. Their phones are simple and absurd but completely credible; the best: they are fun to tears

All Gravity Falls

the other characters in this fictional town of Oregon contribute to the story very interesting and fun elements. It is the same guy that children are visiting: Stan . He is a chaotic mix of character, is a liar, liar, and a long list of crimes (including trafficking pugs in which you help a Mexican), but at the same time is affectionate and loyal to his family.

the other characters, each, you will be hilarious, there is everything: the village idiot, the rich girl, the adolescent group, the boy of Mexican descent, the friendly people, and so a list of those who know not readily pick your favorite. All live, they get into trouble and bring to the story unique things. Something impressive Gravity Falls is that the dialogues are hyperintelligent and scathing, are loaded with winks to almost everything: the music industry, the most nerds of the planet, hackers, to animes, animators, in order not You will stand to find details at each step. This is enough to talk for hours and share the details more sinister and fun in the href=”” subReditt of Gravity Falls .

more twins, more fun (without abusing our hospitality)


Gravity Falls is a rarity and genius of the TV current . It seems to leave aside the traditional format of animated series, ie disjointed chapters and endless stories. Its format is more like anime or TV series with real actors. consists of 40 episodes and 17 short films , this divided in two seasons that were issued from June 2012 to February this year (in Latin America and Spain the second season ended in May).

Alex Hirsh, creator of the series, announced that Gravity Falls not return to the screen after airing his latest (and brilliant) chapter of the second season . Following the news, fans of the series were sorry indeed, however, leaving aside the sentimental, is a success of this talented guy retire when the series has achieved its goal: tell what happened that summer of brothers Pines ; after all so are the summer: do not return and we only have good times in memory. Many creators should learn from it, namely: know when to quit and href=”” not abuse our entertainment or when the series has completely lost its grace and purpose.

This series has more than a pair of twins, and each has its own charm, worth knowing. Finally, note that the same Alex Hirsh has a twin sister and told in interviews that was based on his relationship with her and on a trip that made a summer of his childhood for creating this series that really you what say, you can not lose.


The best current animated series called Gravity Falls
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June 2, 2016

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