“The best enemies of the saga Metal Gear”vrutalgames

“The best enemies of the saga Metal Gear”vrutalgames

Our particular list of the most special enemies of the Metal Gear games.

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We still have in the retina history Snake Venom and the controversy that surrounds long relationship with Konami Hideo Kojima. Today we put aside all kinds of gossip to talk about the most charismatic bosses in the series. The Phantom Pain has been criticized by the implausibility of some situations so we wanted to make a memory exercise that will put goosebumps to the most nostalgic. At least that’s the intention. The text contains some spoilers, so if you have not finished a game in the series are in time.

Cyborg Ninja / Metal Gear Solid

“neither friend nor foe, come from a world where such words have no meaning. “

One of the most spectacular moments of Metal Gear Solid is when we enter a hall where several genome appear wounded soldiers in combat while fighting a look unseen enemy. Across the room the Cyborg Ninja hides. Behind his identity hidden Frank Jagger, also known as Gray Fox, a FOXHOUND agent. He had a great friendship with Solid Snake but fought in the conflict in Zanzibar Land organized by Big Boss. After several operations he returned to life as a ninja cyborg and with intentions to be a mystery until the end of the game.

The scene where we face the Cyborg Ninja hides a lot of winks and posters Policenauts (a mythical game Kojima) or the presence of a young Otacon what happens fatal locked in a locker. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, the remastering for Gamecube, we can see a figure of Yoshi and Mario if we use the first-person camera

Psycho Mantis – Metal Gear Solid

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” Humans were not created to be happy each other, from the moment we arrived to this world we are destined only cause pain and misery “

Do not delve much into her story to avoid spoilers. Psycho Mantis is a character with psychokinetic abilities that can read human minds. After a difficult childhood rather than trying to find a place in the world working for the FBI. Unfortunately too enters the mind of a serial murderer and ends up committing a murder. Shortly after it is recruited by Liquid Snake himself to participate in the Shadow Moses incident.

The battle against Psycho Mantis is one of the most original that has given us the industry the videogames. As we have said, he was able to read the mind of the player, so read the memory card that we inserted into the console and made comments about saved games other games like Azure Dreams, Suikoden, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Vandal Hearts.

Had enough ego and liked to boast of his powers. Before we start fighting was put in command on the ground and moved at will with vibration function. Not long before Sony had implemented a short time before this new Dual Shock and the result was quite impressive. Finally, we called Psycho Mantis little reckless if we saved the game or called us cowards if we did too.

During the battle we launched various objects such as chairs and tables with face Kojima himself and some of game developers. The only way to overcome it was changing command to the second port of the console so it was not able to read our movements. As we did the screen is put in black for a few seconds and only the words Hideo showed. And it is that the developer has always loved to appear in their games

Fatman / Metal Gear Solid 2:. Sons of Liberty

“The pumps measure their lifetime and announce its final trumpeted”

Fatman spent his childhood locked in the watch shop his father’s. She was abandoned when he became obsessed by them so that directed its efforts in creating explosives. When he was 10 years old managed to create an atomic bomb. Peter Stillman was responsible for their training and treated him like a son, trying to abandon the path of hatred. Fatman joining the Patriots finished putting bombs all facilities Big Shell to test the skills of Raiden. However Fatman between the eyes had another goal: to be recordardado as a legend in the world of explosives

Starring one of the most entertaining battles Sons of Liberty.. We put ourselves in the shoes of Raiden in a race against time while deactivate bombs with a freezing spray. Fatman moves quickly across the stage with the help of skates. It may seem even funny but in the rush very tense situations are created

Vamp / Metal Gear Solid 2:. Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

” You can not run away from your shadow “

Hideo Kojima acknowledged that inspired the flamenco dancer Joaquin Cortes to design this character. Vamp was a Romanian child who was buried in the ruins of a church with his family. To survive he had to drink the blood of his family. Part of the members of the unit Solidus Snake and Raiden faces twice. It has supernatural powers and the ability to dodge bullets, walk across the water or jumping to a great height. It is also capable of surviving shooting vitals Later joins Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 4:. Guns of the Patriots and the secret of his abilities is discovered: nanomachines that regenerate her large capacity and give it a superhuman strength and speed

The End – Metal Gear Solid 3:. Snake Eater

“I have to thank you … for waking up, if you had not shown up, my dream had been eternal … do you hear me, Snake? I am The End, and I’m here to take you to your final destination “

It is one of the members of the Cobra unit that appears in Metal Gear Solid. 3: Snake Eater. Despite having over 100 years is one of the deadliest snipers in the world. Uses photosynthesis to be several days without the need to eat or move. Patience is the greatest virtue. It is accompanied by a parrot who wakes up and warns of possible dangers.

Once again we are before a battle with a lot of curiosities. If we advance the internal clock Playstation 2 one week after the battle he will die. If we end the life of his parrot was angry and we release a threat. Another dishonest way to kill him is to kill him before the battle with a sniper rifle right after a kinematic

The Sorrow – Metal Gear Solid 3:. Snake Eater

” Even though his cries fall on deaf ears, the dead are not silent “

It was one of the members of the Cobra Unit in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. His special skill was able to read the thoughts of those who died in combat. He falls for The Boss and has a son with her (Revolver Ocelot). After defecting philosophers sent their best agent, The Boss, to end his life. Once dead momentarily appears to offer help. If we focus already in Snake Eater, appears when Naked Snake escapes torture that makes you lose an eye. This is not a battle to use as our only aim is to overcome a river as The Sorrow shows us all enemies have been killed during the game. It is impossible to hurt and the only way to overcome the level is getting killed or reach the end of the river and then use a resuscitator pill

The Beauty and the Beast – Metal Gear Solid. 4: Guns of the Patriots

Hideo Kojima has been criticized for using explicit sexual content in Quiet characters as they appear in The Phantom Pain. If we look back we see that is nothing new and has been a constant in many of the games in the series. The best example is The Beauty and the Beast Unit to which we face in Guns of The Patriots. This group of soldiers consists of four women with special skills and a tragic past who snatched humanity. What are Laughing Octopus, Screaming Mantis, Raging Raven and Crying Wolf. His appearance is based on four models of flesh

Liquid Snake / Revolver Ocelot – Metal Gear Solid 4:. Guns of the Patriots

“Americans are too enamored with the sound of his own voice and tell the truth”

Revolver Ocelot is one of the mythical characters of the series appearing in almost all their games. To end the list we want to remember the final bout of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots in which we Old Snake and Liquid Ocelot face on top of Outer Heaven, in a fight unarmed. It is a favorite for the nostalgic moments because they are playing some of the most famous melodies and Ocelot gives us a lot of gestures and quotations. After his tragic end is discovered that the personality of Liquid was introduced to deceive the Patriots and always helped Solid Snake.

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