The best episode of Futurama …

... The best episode of Futurama

We continue our tireless search for The Best Episode of several series, this time we will treat it’s probably my favorite show of all time, at least lively.

hard to put into words how special it is to me, and how difficult it has been to choose the best of its episodes between literally a dozen large half hours of television.

Futurama, The Simpsons intellectual successor, arises from the need to explore more complex than they could browse through a fictional suburban family in the United States of the late twentieth century themes.

Memorable who have been left out

lethal inspection

I did not want my decision to stay clouded by particularly dramatic episodes and even narratively solid base their main recognition because endnotes.

In Leela’s Homeworld discover the truth about the origins of Leela, has a particularly memorable ending, but development is guilty of only serve the final revelation. Also I left out Lethal Inspection, where we know more about the past of Bender and Hermes.

Others who have been left out as the pilot himself “300 Space Pilot,” “I, Roommate”, “300 Big Boys” or “Amazon Women in the Mood” are classics of animation forever, and only indicates the average quality of the series. As I can not list them all, filtering has been especially difficult

10. The Sting

 (c) Fox

(c) 20th Century Fox

A space sting kills bees Fry and Leela ends in a spiral of guilt and unhinged. The episode gives the couple a total human component, giving depth

-. Is this a brain scan
– In a way, yes. In France they call guillotine

. 9: Roswell That Ends Well

(c) 20th Century Fox

(c) 20th Century Fox

One of the stronger in terms of classic science fiction, and more references to the same episodes. We have a crew traveling to the 50s, and experiencing several paradoxes while personal clash of such different societies

-. Ohhh, a lesson in not changing history of “Lord am My own grandfather. “

8: Fear of a Bot Planet

(c) 20th Century Fox

(c) 20th Century Fox

Planet Express receives a commission destined for Chapek 9, a planet inhabited by robots separatists. In this episode we find many notes of humor as the story explores the relationship between robots and humans, particularly between Bender and the rest of the crew

-.? Then it’s an empty planet
– It is not inhabited by robots
– Ah, like a warehouse is inhabited by boxes

7:. Devil Hands are Idle Playthings

(c) 20th Century Fox

(c) 20th Century Fox

That was the last episode of Futurama in turn, tries to take the relationship of Fry and Leela to its natural conclusion, and overshadowing the other characters.

It represents a high point of the series about the work of the voice actors, emotion and mood

-. A man writing an opera about a woman? Oh, sir, how deliciously absurd!

6. Parasites Lost

 (c) 20th Century Fox

(c) 20th Century Fox

A sandwich expired on a space station, Fry gives a population of intelligent intestinal worms begin to equip your body of new physical and mental abilities.

It delves into the relationship with Leela Fry, explores the truth about oneself, more references to classic science fiction and one of the episodes with more humor by . minute series

– Of all the parasites I’ve had in my life these are the best

. 5. Jurassic Bark

 (c) 20th Century Fox

(c) 20th Century Fox

Another of the most iconic, perhaps most, of the series episodes. past life of Philip in the twentieth century, where we have first to Seymour, his dog who never stopped waiting for him when I was cryogenically frozen Fry explores. The episode adds a very emotional final with I Will Wait for You one of the songs more versioned history.

– What do we
– Fry’s dog
– When do we want
– Fry’s dog

4. The Farnsworth Paradox

(c) 20th Century Fox

(c) 20th Century Fox

Professor Farnsworth creates a Universe A box containing the universe 1. In turn, Professor Farnsworth 1 Universe does the same with the Universe A.

Both crews experience the shock of knowing the reality of having alternate versions of themselves, they lie to try to save their own universes

-. Oh lord. Buddha, Zeus, God, some of you do something. Help, Satan, you owe me one!

3. Godfellas

 (c) 20th Century Fox

(c) 20th Century Fox

Following a meeting with Special pirates, Bender is released outside the Planet Express ship and because of simple physics, is quickly dismissed as unrecoverable.

A drifting episode Bender experienced through many classical themes of philosophy and science fiction concept of deity.

– I was God once.
– Yes, I saw it. You did well until they all died.

2. Luck of the Fryrish

 (c) 20th Century Fox

(c) 20th Century Fox

Following the life of Fry in the twentieth century, we discover more about the family he left behind, especially anything related to his brother Yancy. His mother and father they would centric episodes, with Game of Tones and Cold Warriors respectively.

One of the better explore the reality of the solitude of Fry in century XXXI, and lack of fit in a society that is truly their own.

– That traitor clover helped my brother to steal the dream of space travel. Now I never go into space.
– You went this morning for donuts

1.. The Late Philip J. Fry

 (c) 20th Century Fox

(c) 20th Century Fox

One of the surprises of the new season, although maintained a level less than the original four, created as special as this, I consider the best episodes.

After not arrive in time to eat with Leela, Professor requires him to work with him in the time machine. When going to test, Bender, Fry and Professor Farnsworth are trapped in the distant future without being able to go back in time

The episode has all the ingredients that make it the best. Elements of science Modern fiction classic, thrilling the audience with the relationship of Fry and Leela, has memorable moments and make references to a dozen previous moments of the series and as many of the popular culture.

In addition, it served to remember that the writers of the show even do know Futurama

-. The last proton should be fading now.
– Goodbye, last proton <. br /> – Here we are, at the end of the universe …
– Now what, you want to talk about something
– No, thanks

-. I had a full life. Who points to see the end of the universe had a few beers while
– That’s basically what I do every day


The best episode of Futurama …
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December 16, 2015

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