The best extensions that you can install Chrome now

The best extensions you can now install Chrome


One of the things we like to All Chrome , is the enormous amount of extensions and applications. The Chrome Web Store is crowded with useful and interesting accessories . The following are some of my favorites are all part of my browser and therefore consider them indispensable. The best that you can install.


 best extensions for Chrome

Extensions beautify your home page in Chrome are not enough. My favorite for a long time and were Embark Momentum , but recently met Leoh New Tab . We could consider it an improvement on these two. You’ll have a new tab window always with a beautiful image, plus an inspirational message, time, climate, a button of most visited sites, a button news, weather information and a drawer to take notes. All in a super cool minimalist package.


This extension has saved my life more than once, it is especially useful if you write a lot on the web. Lazarus It will record everything you type the text in any field in the browser and if something bad happens and Chrome crashes, fails, or mistakenly close the tab yourself, Lazarus have the text at hand to recover immediately .

Full Page Screen Capture

A must for anyone who does not know how to capture an entire web page without you would only appear on the screen. Full Page Screen Capture is a very simple extension, but lethal.


 best extensions for Chrome

MakeGIF is another favorite, add a button to the browser that lets you capture an animated GIF from any YouTube video, you can easily choose where it starts and ends and immediately download your animated image.


Few extensions will make your life so happy, OneTab It is one thing without which he could no longer live. A place to store all those tabs do not want to lose and keep them open without taking up space on the bar and be consuming memory.

The Great Suspend

Another indispensable for those open too many tabs The Great Suspend is responsible for “freeze” inactive tabs so they do not consume resources and Chrome you do not operate the PC.


best extensions for Chrome

Ideal for those who suffer with slow or unstable connections, SmartVideo for YouTube gives you more control over how the service does buffering videos, and lets you load them while they are paused.


Pushbullet creates the perfect marriage between your browser and all your mobile devices, is not only capable of transmitting files at high speed between your smartphone and Chrome also lets you do mirror of notifications that you receive on your phone to watch them on your computer.


One of the best VPN services in the world. The extension of Tunnelbear Chrome offers private and secure when a click navigation. Whether you want to hide your IP, protect your identity, or jump region restrictions, you can do with this bear


 best extensions for Chrome

Finally, I remind you of the existence of Wikiwand: Modernized Wikipedia , a wonderful extension that changes the appearance of all Wikipedia articles for a more beautiful and modern. Wikipedia is wonderful, but ugly. Wikiwand transforms completely.


The best extensions that you can install Chrome now
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January 8, 2016

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