The best games of 2012, and disappointment, as Alex C

2012 as Alex C

We continue reviewing the best games of 2012 , in this case completely personal and editor, and Today is my turn. Remember: this list is mine and no one else . If you like, perfect. If not, too.

5. Assassin s Creed III


The first ? Assassin s Creed? I felt so bad, but so terrible for boring and repetitive, that during all the years have passed since its release I have lived away from anything that had to do with your brand. Nobody has been able to convince me, not even my partner R. Marquez, a fervent follower of the series, that the following supplies are fine, you should try them.

? Assassin s Creed III? , I’m not sure why (or maybe you do, but for the case is an irrelevant fact), has been delivering that made me load the disc into the console and give an opportunity to the saga. And the truth is that I liked. Much. His story has ended and mechanical catching me away from the endless repetition to which we subjected in the original, I have left a very good impression. What has flaws and room for improvement? You bet I do, I will not be contrary, but the game is well calved especially entertains and makes you enjoy with it when I take the pad . Something that, unfortunately, not all current games are capable of achieving.

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4. Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Yes, I am of those who bought the ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II’ just outside. I am one who willingly paid the euros chain turn I asked for it. I am among those who have contributed to its sales soaring. I for one, even though each new installment may seem the same to 90% of the players (and may I include myself in that group), enjoys a fool of your multiplayer and its direct proposal. Yes, have things I hate , I think they could have done much better by now, but what I think actually care three cucumbers. One need only take a look at the hours you’ve missed the multiplayer during this holiday season to realize that, for whatever reason it is, despite all its imperfections (and not forgetting his virtues), the damned Soter ( WORD THE YEAR ) generic the nose had me hooked.

tastes, and this can not disagree with me, do not choose yourself. So, who am I to contradict when, having picked up the pad with the intention to take a couple of games and then you just get me something else, look at the clock and check the speed at which the hours have flown? If you do not include it in my list I’d be lying to myself. And I’m lying to others. Because everything I write is a lie .

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3. Journey

Journey class=”centro” />


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2. The Walking Dead: The Game

The Walking Dead: The Game

And they say that the video game adaptation of X, where X is what I damn well please (TV show, movie, book or comic, as is the case), are always and certainly bad. Telltale Games We have been scouring the bowels of a bloody and blackened his face undead for, then, looking at us with an expression of pleasure, with a broad smile and a twinkle in the eye, and say: “ yes, but you liked. Do not even open the beak “.

No matter that ? The Walking Dead: The Game? win prizes, whether you say here or there (or say) what is and what is not. What really matters is what you say when you get your guts flying and enter your story, in their mechanics. They tell you who thirst for more and do not stop if you want to head explode like a watermelon falling from the fifth floor.

1. Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect<p> src=”” class=”centro” 3″ /></p ><p> Man, not to include the <a Effect 3? </A> in a list like this is nothing short of criminal. No, actually it should be punishable by law. Someone should act tough. Everyone knows that in a list of the best games of 2012 has to appear the third installment of the trilogy Bioware <strong> </strong>. Otherwise it is neither a list nor anything. Because hoygan, <span class= IF A LIST LEAVES NO LO I ME LIKE ME AND THAT IT I WANT THAT SALGA SERVES NO for NOTHING .

I have also compelling reasons to include ? Mass Effect 3? my list of best games of the year, what happens is that I’m going to tell. If you want to know you’ll have to play it. And as a third installment play without finishing the previous two, more so in this case, is a mortal sin, that, suddenly, they will just build up a working or what you believe.

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Disappointment of the year: Rocksmith


I meant to put here ? Middle Manager of Justice? from Double Fine, but could have trouble putting the ? Resident Evil 6? . Finally I opted for the ? Rocksmith? mainly for two reasons: to avoid repeating the choice of my companions (Jarkendia game Capcom chose and probertoj the Double Fine) and because, on reflection, the disappointment with ? Rocksmith? was greater than with the other two titles.

I discussed in my analysis and I will repeat: expected to arrive? Rocksmith? with desire, being as it is the first music game that allows us to use real guitars and bass drivers rather than plastic, but at the moment of truth in water on many sides. I appreciate the courage and efforts of the team responsible for the game to have been able to develop technology that incorporates, however the result no longer a mere beginning, the beginning of something that in the future may give what he has to give. Now serves neither to have fun or to learn more than four things and an irregular rhythm. Those who you liked: congratulations, I’m glad you’re having along with him. I hope the next.

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The best games of 2012, and disappointment, the editors of Life Extra

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  • The best games of 2012, and disappointment, as Alex C
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    January 5, 2013

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