The best photographs in black and white 2015 as VSCO

The best photographs in black and white 2015 as VSCO

In VSCO have posted the best 2015 black-edited with popular application filters and white.

VSCO have become a tool that many photographers empower their image a very particular aesthetic. Whether for a snapshot on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, the popular software has become the first step that must undergo any publication.

Some people already have their selected favorite filters, but the monochrome usually a category that usually recover most classic image: one based on the light or lack thereof and power of the textures represented. For that reason, black and white continue to captivate many authors, which may even specialize in this form of editing to apply all his gallery.

So in VSCO have compiled some of the best photographs in black and white 2015, all filters generated with the application. Some are abstract, others portraits, but what they all have in common is a proper issue where raw no color.


Osorio / B4 preset

Christy Le / B6 preset

Aldona Karczmarczyk

Richard Fretueg / B5 preset

Luna Grigo

le-city / B5 preset

If you have you been wanting to see more pictures, you can also take a look at the monochrome, which gathered a large selection of black and white


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