The best position to sleep, according to Science

The best position to sleep, according to Science

In the art of sleep we turned to different positions, but what is the best position for sleeping? Science answers us.

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The sleep habits have always been a complicated issue because it seems that nobody gets completely agree. Although the importance of recognizing sleep enough hours to maintain health and el impact than under regular schedule; the how, that is, what position is more complex than it appears, as well as cultural differences to perform this necessary activity subject.

Even with this, several studies agree and point out the advantages of sleeping on your side or, as they say those who know, lateral decubitus, and preferably left lateral decubitus. Here’s why.

Favors glymphatic system processes

When activated slept a lot of mechanisms in the human body, as we give a graphic idea with beautiful Pixar ‘ >‘; and one of them is the work of > glymphatic system. This system is the way of cleaning wastes from the nervous system in mammalian organisms, and is that while the lymphatic system is responsible for the same thing in the rest of the body, the brain and spinal cord lack of lymphatic vasculature; This is why their activity is so important given the absence of conventional lymphatic circulation present in other systems.

Well, the recent study by researchers at the University of Stony Broock, and published in the Journal of Nuroscience, said that in the lateral decubitus position glymphatic system activity is more effective, it is meaning that this position is the best and most efficient way to eliminate waste in the brain; vital to the functioning of the nervous system process. Additionally, this process must be performed as reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer and other neurological diseases appearing as several types of dementia are linked to sleep disorders.

This study came to these results making comparisons with different sleeping positions and analyzing processes glinfático in each system using MRI. So, they noted that in the lateral decubitus position was more efficient compared to other face up positions as and upside down.

Relieves heartburn

This really use the left position, ie left lateral decubitus and not the right. At least so says a study in patients with gastroesophageal reflux published in JAMA Internal Medicine where various changes in habits were analyzed in such patients as quitting smoking, or drinking alcohol late dinner and sleep both left and right sides. What they found was a significant difference depending on which side used for sleeping, being the most favorable left so that patients did not have reflux and therefore sleep better.

Ideal for pregnant

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Sleep during pregnancy, especially in recent months, it becomes a difficult task and often serious disorder every night. However, the left lateral decubitus position again seems to be the answer, since sleep on this side is much more beneficial to the mother and fetus as the amount of blood and nutrients to the placenta is increased; and mom can breathe better face up in the lungs are compressed. It is also advisable to use pillows to prop your legs and belly, not to exert force on the spine and hips.

I sleep upside down, what do I do?

The short answer is changes position as soon as possible. In all sources for this article I found no no contraindicara this position, even calling it “the worst position to sleep.” And to sleep in this position affects the natural position of the back, bending it and pressing the vertebrae; also it raises the neck and stomach and lungs are compressed, also preventing the ability to breathe deeply, ideal for oxygenation. This position is also not recommended for people with reflux and less for pregnant women.

I sleep on your back, what do I do?

Sleep without a pillow. While this position is also recommended in many cases is a requirement that you use a pillow under your head is not very high and, at best, do not use any orthopedic or your neck. In this position is more likely to snore with the pressure that is made in the throat to use pillows because it prevents the free flow of air, in addition to its own weight compresses the lungs. However, it is said to be the best position for the back because it lies naturally.

And you, how do you sleep?

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