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I know you have your credit card ready, this is the week of Black Friday, the day offers many expect May as water (or rather November) as it is the day where a lot of products get offers. You know that we do our hunting weekly bargains but on the occasion of this day we wanted to redouble efforts and started collecting offers related to Android.

Wait, I’m sure you’re thinking that remains for Black Friday. Indeed, until Friday but lack the stores have already begun to launch promotions of all kinds and we do not want to miss any. For now we leave a few but attentive to our Twitter and Facebook because we will be warning when new promotions. Ready? Let them


These are the droids you are already on sale

The offers have already begun and some shops have been brought forward to Black Friday. So do not miss anything, have structured the post in different categories to get everything right computer. If you see one crossed promotion, it means that it has already completed or no stock. . That said, let the star category mobile


  • Amazon started the week with force: the Samsung Galaxy S6 is available 480 euros. Do not think much because when we looked at the offer were only 13 units (adding all the colors). It will be very difficult to see it for less money. Now we just need to see his brother Edge here too

  • Ojito to LG G4 that is another phone that is doing very well priced. 399 euros. It is a formidable terminal stands out not as much as other top end but at that price it is hard to say no. Comes with brown leather case.

  • Small, top-end smartphone, this unique niche that is almost exclusive property of Sony. The Xperia Z5 Compact has endured little with its starting price and already have in Rakuten by 489 euros. Highly recommended if you want a powerful phone, with remarkable camera and a size that allows use with one hand.

  • For midrange we bring you the BQ Aquaris E5 by 189 euros. If we want a good phone for less than 200 euros, this is a good deal. Good benefits and a key element: 16GB of memory. If Black Friday you go to buy a mobile, avoid models of 8GB at all costs is an amount insufficient to day storage.


  • Xiaomi MIPAD is a great tablet: good performance, compact size and have one year … but the hardware has endured well over all that time. In it you will find by Rakuten 189 euros. It is a good tablet that shows us that if we want powerful specifications, do not have to toil away a lot of money. Beware guarantee yes. A year in China

  • On Amazon Germany (delivering Spain) have found the Galaxy Tab A 213 euros. If we want a model with careful design and modest specifications, worth doing with him. Remember that even comes from Germany, the guarantee is handled in Spain so we have two years.

  • For most gamers, the Shield Tablet K1 NVIDIA starts with good foot his career in Spain: 199 euros in PC Components. Android with any Bluetooth command, we have a great portable game console. Highly recommended for both Google Play and games with emulators. Shipping, in Spain, is day to day so if you buy now, you will have it tomorrow at home.


  • Amazon have Flash Anker offer this battery of 15,600 mAh capacity . Its price? 19,99 euros, a discount of ten euros. If you need one urgently, run for it because it will be difficult to see batteries with more capacity on Black Friday.

  • The microSD cards always come by our Hunting bargains and this time not special could not miss. We started with the Samsung EVO 32GB a 11 euros. A good figure is reduced according hopefully approaching Friday. We will inform you.

  • In Geekvida they will bring the scale of Xiaomi and start selling next December 10. If the reservation already, can get by 32.99 euros instead of It is costing 49.99 euros once the sale is made. As affordable models Fitbit and Runtastic alternative is interesting.

What deals there in large stores?


Amazon every day will make offers, some of which will be available all day while others can only be purchased for a few hours in flash sale. If you want to follow, you can enter este link. Note that here they will not filtered by technology or Android, are all the categories together. The best deals come on Friday.


Currently the store has not activated any special offers portal. Beyond some specific link on its front, we have the section Ofertas Dabuten where able to go following some deals. We will update as the week progresses because surely they are preparing something big for this Friday.

PC Components

PC Components ha enable a special section for Black Friday and every day will freeing deals on everything. the ones that interest us are morning: smartphones, tablets and wearables. Stay tuned to Tuesday 24 because there will be many promotions related to Android. It’s Friday again with a little of everything and the rest of the day will be for other technology products.

Offers coming from China

China are celebrating the day singles (November 11th) to launch powerful but shops offers sent to Spain are aware that Black Friday is a very important date. Therefore, they also add different promotions. We told you what they are doing:

  • Gearbest has opened a section with the best deals . So far they have shown no previous access all alone and lets us see some. You have many phones and tablets, almost all Chinese manufacturers. . Check it out and be patient with shipments that take longer than other online stores

  • Geekbuying list also una page offers and although it is a bit confusing, if we look closely we can find many offers. For now they have started with a few very powerful promotions. Particular attention to tablets because they have many models.

  • Pandawill has decided to soltar their offers trickle and every day will be a series of new products. So far they have started with a few phones. If you buy any of them, shall bestow a few accessories. These are small details that you probably will not be very useful but a gift horse, do not look the tooth.

Applications on sale

This week we have a Plenty of smartphones, tablets and accessories on offer but do not forget applications. Currently Google Play and developers publish here are still very timid with promotions but we have already taken with a few:

  • Ghosts of Memories a kind of clone of Monument Valley but with a darker and mythical aspect. These days is on offer to 0.99 euros . Highly recommended, especially if you have a tablet

  • Kalypso has remastered the great Wings and is now available at a reduced price in Google Play price. 1.99 euros . If you like games aviation, check it out because it’s very entertaining.

  • Star Command is a fun strategy game of science fiction where we to create a ship and fight against various invaders. It is fun and can spend hours playing with it. Too bad the story is somewhat repetitive but only 1.13 euros is essential .

  • Come up with another retro game Gobliins Trilogy . The three original games of this retro adventure game is available for 1.30 euros . If you seek an intellectual challenge, check it out because it’s much more complicated than the Monkey Island and Indiana Jones.

More bargains? Perhaps what you seek is here

As you have seen, all the deals that are gathering this week have to do with Android. You may be looking for other electronics products and technology. If so, our sister sites are making their collections of deals on Black Friday , such as Xataka.

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The best prices for phones, tablets and accessories for Black Friday Android
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November 24, 2015

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