The best tv in the market: OLED vs. QLED

If you’re the hunt for a tv for this Christmas, you will have heard of the acronym OLED. Major brands -such as LG, Philips, Sony or Panasonic – they have entered the battle by to have yours and that is the best. Only Samsung decided not to bet on OLED and exploit the QLED.A diode organic light-emitting or OLED -an acronym for ‘Organic Light-Emitting Diode’- has as its main feature, that generates and emits light by itself. That is to say: instead of having an array of LED lights white color that illuminate the pixels of the panel -as happens in LED monitors conventional-, each one of the pixels that contains the panel OLED also contains a LED light capable of producing both the light and the colour.The result of this is, on the one hand, that are achieved colors much more authentic; and, on the other hand, when you have to reproduce the color black, does not emit any light, you get a pure black.In addition, by not having a matrix of LED lights behind this technology is that allows you to have flexible panels. And as a demonstration of the impossible made possible, it has presented the first television fully scrollable, something that can only be done thanks to this OLED technology because of its flexibility.It has as main disadvantage that, when using organic materials, our tv’s will have an expiration date. But do not be alarmed, that expiration date is within a long time, in fact LG states that the life of their tvs can reach 100,000 hours.screens QLED -an acronym for ‘Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode’- are a evolution of the LED displays, used diodes, white light from behind the pixels color. The improvement of the technology, QLED is that, with it, the pixel can be activated individually. Even so, when you use an external light to generate the color, the dark blacks and pure are nearly impossible in a display of this type.These teams have improved with respect to the previous technology -LCD screens, which use fluorescent lamps to illuminate the panel- both in image quality, because the light is distributed over the entire screen as in energy consumption. And, also, allows a more lightweight design, not to use the bulky tubes of the LCD screens.In terms of blacks and contrast, the panels OLED have a huge advantage with respect to the QLED: they are the only ones able to show pure black, as off directly those pixels of the image. And if a panel is capable of delivering a color pure black, don’t have to make the brighter parts shine more than the account, to maintain a level of contrast.However, strictly speaking the brightness, the maximum brightness of the screens QLED is much higher than that of the OLED, since the LED array rear of the first generate more light intensity.In terms of the color space, this battle is in tables between the two technologies, since both panels have similar features.For lovers of the aesthetics, displays of OLED, as they do not need a panel, extra light, allowing brands to make tvs much thinner and designs impossible, as we saw in the tv roll-up.If what you care about is the size, displays of QLED are your winning horse as there are virtually no limits: you can have a 98-inch tv in your living room with Samsung. Not far away the largest in the field of OLED, which is of LG and is 88 inches, but it is still the second.And then comes the dreaded programmed obsolescence: as we said, being organic materials, the useful life of the OLED will be lower than that of the QLED, while LG ensures that their OLED screens could withstand a use of 5 hours a day every day for 54 years before its maximum brightness reached 50% of what they had from the factory. Even if this were true, the QLED could endure much more.Finally, with regards to the economy, we have two important variables: energy consumption and price of the product. Panels OLED are extremely thin and lack of LED backlight apart, so that the difference of the QLED require considerably less energy to operate (around 40% less in equal size). And regarding the price, we also opted for the technology of OLED, which carries more time in the market and has been democratized more that the QLED.
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The best tv in the market: OLED vs. QLED
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December 16, 2019

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