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a few days ago we told you here in Xataka Android washing face is getting the official Twitter application on Android , approaching that Interface Design Material Google introduced version 5.0. But, for now, it is only available in its alpha version and know when it will be open to the public.

Sincerely, and as a regular user of this social network, the official app seems a chaos look by all accounts . Its design is overloaded, has many icons both on top and bottom, the user profile is quite hidden, their performance does not stop to be optimal … And for many versions, developers do not end up with the key and most important change has been passed to the nuclear white queen now on the interface.

so I decided to make the leap to alternative customers. In this article I present the best Twitter clients with the sole condition that they are fully based on Material Design . All these apps are betting on a colorful, clean and more organized design, something that certainly appreciate enough. Here they are:

Giza for Twitter

 Tw Giza

Giza for Twitter meets all the native app should carry serial . On the home screen your entire timeline is concentrated, with tweets that adapt the concept became fashionable card Google Now. The timeline allows you to filter words, to be notified when they answered a selected message, display images of Instagram and include a browser and YouTube player native.

Meanwhile, the sidebar hides direct access to your profile, notifications, to direct messages and the most talked about issues of the day . Giza for Twitter also contains a dark theme ideal for sailing at night and for phones with AMOLED displays.

It is of the few that can be downloaded for free, but if you want to eliminate advertising in-app must pay . € 2.40

Download Google Play: Giza for Twitter

Talon for Twitter

Tw Talon

This is certainly one of the most long-lived and successful customers, constantly adapting to what your users ask. Talon for Twitter based interface entirely in Material Design and the main view is led only by the tweets of all the people you follow .

The profile, direct messages, mentions, Discover, lists and many more items are hidden in the side menu. Talon for Twitter supports up to two simultaneous accounts, can play videos, Vine or GIF from the timeline and supports up smartwatches with Android Wear .

For me it is one of the best Twitter clients there in Android , because apart from simple is extremely intuitive. For example, holding down a tweet or a user application opens up a wide range of options without having to dive deeper with more complex menus. As for the supported themes, alongside the classic white and blue and other dark, there is another completely black.

However, to enjoy Talon for Twitter should disburse € 4.43 in Google Play.

Download Google Play: Talon for Twitter

Metal for Facebook & amp; Twitter

Tw Metal

The main difference of Metal for Facebook & amp; Twitter is, as its name suggests, the support for Facebook and Twitter within the same app . One of its main advantages is that it is extremely lightweight, weighs barely 2MB, so if the use you give to both social networks is scarce, this client will get more than enough thus replacing three applications (Twitter, Facebook and Messenger) . on your device

Metal for Facebook & amp; Twitter does not have many features, but the most basic features of Twitter and designed for AMOLED panels dark mode. Supports all types of notifications, except Messenger messages, and also has another important advantage. It is completely free and free advertising

This application is highly recommended if you have a low-end terminal and especially with low memory storage . As if that were not enough, it is the only one that supports Nexus Imprint, the Google authentication system for fingerprint

Download Google Play. Metal for Facebook & amp; Twitter

Tweetings for Twitter

Tw Tweetings

Tweetings for Twitter , we face the most customizable client all the Play Store . Among its main advantages include the 32 (16 light and 16 dark), support for Android permissions 6.0 Marshmallow, push notifications in real time to keep us continuously informed and the ability to sort your timeline themes available between various options.

Obviously this is not all, the app has added already seen in Talon for Twitter as support for GIF, Android Wear , multiple accounts or integrated web browser . Its interface also adds nothing we have not seen before, with the typical sidebar to hide all menus. In this respect, the most significant change is in user profiles

Twitter lets you download Tweetings for payment of € 3.42

Download on Google Play.. Tweetings for Twitter

Fenix ​​for Twitter

Tw Fenix

We could not miss Fenix ​​for Twitter, one of the best apps of this kind under a design material design different from the rest and which I particularly like something more . In this case the tweets are not stacked like cards, but rather in the official application, achieving a more aggressive aesthetic modification profiles, when you open or publish a tweet and the already famous flyout.

it contains virtually the same as its competitors, except for the introduction of a series of gestures that allow us, by sliding your finger across the screen, close or write a new message. But without doubt, the most useful is the power customize the navigation pane main closing sections that only we use in Twitter, gaining more space on the screen.

The bad thing about Fenix for Twitter is that customer is the most expensive of all, with a single payment of € 6.02

Download on Google Play. Fenix ​​for Twitter

And what do you think. Twitter client What is your favorite and why

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The best Twitter clients for Android Material Design
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April 16, 2016

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