The Bike Mod 5G would have a function that limits the wearer’s exposure to radiation

Bike Mod 5G would have a function that limits the wearer's exposure to radiation

last may they started rumors the next Moto Z would be one of the first devices to have compatibility with the new communications protocol 5G by using a fitting complement. Those rumors were confirmed at the end of August, when Motorola introduced the Moto Z3 next to the Bike mod 5G, but without specifying the date of availability of the latter.

a few weeks Ago, the manufacturer launched the update in addition to Android 9 Foot to the Moto Z3, which included the support for that Bike mod 5G, which told us that its arrival to the market is more and more near. Now, the accessory has been passed by the certification authority FCC revealing a curious function that will reduce the exposure to millimeter waves.

The key are the proximity sensors

Bike Mod

The Verge has found a file from the FCC on the Bike mod 5G, in addition to other features of the accessory, he reveals that he has a way of limiting the exposure to radiation of the millimeter waves. To do this, it serves a few capacitive sensors and proximity that detect the fingers and turn off any antenna 5G if your fingers get too close.

As explained in the document, the control mechanism is very simple: if the proximity detectors indicate the potential presence of the user within an area where the power density may approach the limit of MPE (Maximum Allowable Exposure), that module is disabled by the modem to prevent the transmission of millimeter waves.

As clarifies The Verge, the radiation of millimeter waves is non-ionizing (or harmful), and is also found in security scanners at airports, but it is interesting to see the solution adopted by Motorola to reduce exposure, even if the module only approximates (and does not exceed) the limits of the FCC.

Bike Mod 5g Fcc

we Already knew that the Moto mod 5G includes the modem X50 Qualcomm and a battery of 2,000 mAh, but draws attention to a detail that is explained in the file of the FCC: the accessory has dimensions of 159,15 x 72,96 x 5.97 mm, but as shown in the image above, you must measure 7 mm in its thickest part because the thickness of the phone, Moto Z3, 6.75 mm, will be of 13,75 mm, nearly double.

let us Remember that the Bike mod 5G will allow the Moto Z3 become one of the first smart phones with capability 5G commercially in the world. However, that same document, the FCC notes that the Bike mod 5G “is compatible with the Moto Z3 Pro”, which has already sparked rumors of a possible Moto Z3 improved, with a set of chips more powerful and a larger battery. Will that Moto Z3 Pro next to the Bike mod 5G at MWC? In a few days we will leave doubts.

Via | The Verge

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The Bike Mod 5G would have a function that limits the wearer’s exposure to radiation
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February 18, 2019

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