The boxes of booty Black Ops 4 were not planned in the beginning

Arise statements of those responsible in the that they denied their existence.

The chief designer of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, David Vonderhaar, confirmed months ago that the Specialists of the video games only is desbloquearían with the work and the efforts of the player in the missions and games of the title. However, after the arrival of the last big update of the game, the title Activision has changed the rules and now we can find unlockable characters in the boxes of booty. The controversy has splashed Vonderhaar, that has been launched against him

The microtransactions are increasingly present but they were not the original plan

Black Ops 4 has been increasing, the level, the importance and the index of presence of micro-payment. While we were talking about a video game pay with items, cosmetics and season pass, go to battle and loot crates each time more present in the organization chart and the structure of the digital store of the video game. Vonderhaar, say fans, was aware of this policy and only said a series of partial truths in relation to this topic, according to points PC Gamer.

At the time I gave that interview, before the release of the game, I can assure you that was exactly how it worked. If I could go back to the past, and re-do this interview, I would answer exactly the same,” explained Vonderhaar. “I cannot tell you our plans or about who we are working with, but things change in a way that I can not predict or that I cannot know”, he continued.

The game designer is defended on the grounds that the boxes of loot and other items are changed retrospectively

Is doubly true in that I do not have much information about the business side of the game and even less control over the same” he noted. “I always answer these questions the best way that I can, with the information that I have and handling at the time. If time passes and things change, you could accuse me of not being farsighted, but not of being a liar that omitted information on purpose to deceive you. This has not been the case”, conluía.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The boxes of booty Black Ops 4 were not envisaged initially

The boxes of booty Black Ops 4 were not planned in the beginning
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February 21, 2019

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